Veena Stores, Malleshwaram


Short trips to Bengaluru are always dope. I like to go to Bengaluru often. I stay at Modern Hotel near Seshadripuram and this time some people suggested me to try Hotel Janata & Veena Stores in Malleshwaram. I found out that the restaurants were about 3 kms from my hotel and I can try them for breakfast. I went to Malleshwaram 8th cross to see Janata, but bang! It was closed. They are closed on Wednesdays :O! My goodness, god you can’t do this to me.

I wanted to try Veena but it kept recurring to me that “antha hotel um moodirntha ena da panuva?”


I had no answer to that question but proceeded to walk to the hotel from 8th cross to 15th cross. I was there in Bengaluru for about 1 day technically (13th noon 2 PM to 14th noon 3 PM) and it was cold. The weather was great and traffic was ghastly horrendous. I have a story to tell on the traffic too. Follow me on FB here

The closer I got to the place, I was literally sweating like Livingston Dell of Ocean’s 13 (interview scene). Finally when I saw some crowd in front of the hotel, I was relieved. Bengaluru didn’t disappoint me.


They had a display board showing the menu. They are only open from 6.30 am to 12 pm and from 3.30 pm to 9 pm. The place is vegetarian and I decided my breakfast. It’s a self service kiosk kinda hotel. The crowd is usually huge and so you have to wait to get your hands on their dishes.


  1. Idly Vada – INR 45/-


2 idlies + 1 vada is this combo and you also have single idly-vada combo here. I should’ve gone for that, but this time I was really hungry and so I went for 2 idlies + 1 vada. Piping hot idlies from the steamers were taken out and put into the bamboo plates. The vada was crispier than I ever thought. The idly was soft and I didn’t chew it more than once. Only chutney is served here and not sambhar. There is a man who is seated near the water machine who pours chutney on and on to your plate.


Their chutney is to die for man. The idly and the vada had a good head bath on the chutney and it went happily to my tummy. This is a must try here. Highly recommended.

  1. Bissi Bela Bath – INR 35/-


I earlier had BBB at MTR and I suggested that to my colleague as he hadn’t tried it. With kaara boondhi decorating the top surface of the bath, we shared one plate and it was completely vera level. The quantity was precise for 1 person and after both these we were full. Another must try here.


We then had to rush to our work and decided to move on. I am happy that a new hotel is added to my list. Hope you guys would try this place when you are around malleshwaram. Here is the location – .

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