Ovenfresh, Pammal

It was a Saturday noon towards the end of May! Koluthura veyil, can you imagine! I was on my way to shoot the 4th Vlog for Epomesoruthan (www.youtube.com/c/epomesoruthan). It was a Tender Coconut outlet situated on the Pallavaram – Pammal main road near the ICICI Bank (Pammal branch). The owner of the outlet has asked one of the instagrammer Dhinesh (www.instagram.com/_regional_foodie) to do a youtube video and he asked me if we can collaborate for the same. I was happy that this is a collab with a greatest Foodie and that I can witness theஇளநீர் சர்பத் this outlet offers which I haven’t tried before.

Bala was excited more than me and we shot the video with Dhinesh and the owner. Please find the video here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4seNkJKhvQ


I realized I forgot to have my lunch but Bala was full. Though I had 2 glasses of the இளநீர் சர்பத் priced at INR 35 each, I still wanted to have lunch. I saw the Ovenfresh at some distance and noticed their “Unlimited Pizzas with Garlic Bread” offer in the flex board.


I took Bala to the place and we were set, oh wait no. I was set.


Location: https://goo.gl/maps/cLZyyqviFCACwEUQ8

Veg Unlimited – INR 199/-

They had some conditions. The offer is non-shareable. You cannot waste the sides of the pizza. Only if you complete the full pizza (say 1 or 2 whatever you get first), you will get the next. The same goes for garlic bread. Please make sure you check the unlimited offer before dining in.

They had 8 vegetarian pizzas in all and I had 3 of them. In between the pizzas I had the garlic breads – 3 of them too, totaling to 6 pieces of which Bala took some 1.5 secretly to taste it.

The seasonings were kept in front of us – both red and green chillies along with the ketchup.

Garlic Bread:


It was plain garlic bread which had some buttery flavor. It was well baked and I didn’t fell heavy after eating it. This was better than the once I had at Pizza Hut, long back. The 2nd plate was good but the 3rd plate was okayish. It was too hard to bite, yet I had it. I felt this is the free t-shirt that comes in the “Buy one Get one Free” offer we get in the showrooms. You can have it for free but you can’t complain. OC la kidachuthu nu irukaama naaiku vaaya paaru moment.




The mozzarella cheese was spread equally onto the top surface of the base. It melted well when I had it and was totally great with seasonings. The slices weren’t evenly cut. Namaku athuva mukiyam. The oozing cheese just melted and found its way to my fat cells. Once all the slices were complete, I wanted to have another, but I didn’t. I tried their other items.

Paneer Pan:


The guy who fused paneer into pizza definitely deserves an Oscar. It’s such a delight to eat. The paneer was rightly spiced and the bell peppers were a bit spicy, adding more flavor to the pizza. The raw onions were neatly cut and all the above were deep pan-ned. I added seasoning to all the slices and kept the ketchup bottle open. Atha yaaru pa summa moodikitu thoranthikitu.



This is the 1st time I am having this pizza. It had cheese, american corn, red & yellow bell peppers, onions, jalapenos and black olives. The pungency of jalapeno was great. The spiciness it added to the pizza cannot be described. The corn was well cooked and the black olives, they were great. The bell peppers were neatly cooked too. Please do try this next time you go to the store.

I wish to try the other 5 in my next visit and may be re-edit this post with the full list. The pizzas were good enough for 1 person. All were of personal size but only if you are a heavy eater you can utilize this offer to the fullest. Illana kaas thanga waste-u. Thayavu senju food waste panathinga *Jyothika Shakthi Masala Ad tone*


The total amount was INR 209/-. I felt it was totally worth it for the 3 pizzas and 6 slices of garlic breads. I paid the bill and we started back to our homes. That’s it for this blog. I shall meet you soon in another blog, probably a different cuisine.

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