Eden Vegetarian, Besant Nagar

This restaurant was introduced to me by some Facebook friends back in 2015 and I haven’t tried this after that. I had a meeting that was pending and this location seemed to be the accessible place for both of us. I can post a blog for this and she too hasn’t tried this place. Orey kal la rendu manga.

The place is just minutes away from Besant Nagar Depot, the one which is the 2nd marina, “The Perfect Hangout” spot for all people irrespective of their ages. Beach is at a walkable distance and the roads that lead to the beach are filled with trees on either sides and it looks so damn cool even when you walk in peak summer. Bessie / Edward Elliot’s beach is named after Edward Elliot who was once a Chief Magistrate and Superintendent of Police of Madras state. Traffic has become terrific and we are to blame. Bessie houses some great restaurants by the beach and is always crowded. All mingled kootam you know.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Dcrc2tPJwXbTd3Ht8

The hotel insists on having a table booked beforehand (Zomato) as the place gets crowded for dinner and on weekends, but we were lucky. We sat and started our usual chitchat. We took about 10 to 15 minutes to finalize the menu and gave our order. A big family arrived and politely requested us if we can switch to another table. We did and the family thanked us. Oh god, life has so many good people. Now let’s dive in to the menu.

Fried Baby Corn – INR 205/-


Baby corns about the size of our index finger are selected and sautéed with neatly cut onions and coriander leaves. The corn was the crispiest I’ve ever had. It totally justified the “Light Bites” section of the menu it was in. The quantity was good enough for 2 people, in fact it was more too. Even after the next item of our order came, we still had this on our plates. This is a must try here and I am sure you won’t be disappointed too.


Paneer Tikka – INR 245/-


Now comes my most favorite item of the menu. It’s Paneer, just whole set of paneer. The paneer they served were identically cut and it was about the size of a Nokia 1100 screen. Edges were a bit deep burnt but that was okay. Served along with carrot, capsicum, onion, beet root and cabbage slices, it tasted fabulous with Mint chutney. With some amount of pepper sprayed on the paneer and lemon juice sprinkled, it was just heaven. Eden served it great. I think we split the cubes amongst us equally, or I may have had a piece more than her. I really don’t care when it comes to paneer. Definitely check this out and I’m sure you would be full too after the starter + Grill pack is done.


Chef’s Baked Bowl – INR 285/-


Nicely cut corn, carrot, broccoli, zucchini (and some crunchy veggies) & macaroni are baked in a creamy white sauce and topped with cheese. It is served with a slice of bread cut into 2 equal parts so that it can be used as a spoon to eat the macaroni. I used my part of the bread for 2/3 spoons of the dish and finally the part got over. Then I ate the macaroni alone and it tasted fabulous. It wasn’t spicy. The quantity offered was good enough for 2 people and I ate more than her.

Our chit chat still continued and the ambience was great. It had people laughing out loud, it had families meeting after long times, it had children running here and there, it had parents expecting some discipline from their kids and finally it had people waiting outside to have their dinner.

We were totally full but still tried our luck with Plain Roti & Kadai Vegetable. To our dismay, the roti was a bit hard and the kadai vegetable was dry. I found out this combo wouldn’t work out and we had about 1.5 rotis each with adequate kadai vegetable and winded up the dinner.

Dessert had no role in the night and it was getting late. She had come all the way from Pammal to Thiruvanmiyur and had to go back soon. We took a picture and left the place.


The price is premium at Eden and I think they have carved a niche for themselves. I am coming back to them after 4 years and still the quality is maintained. Kudos team. The bill came to around INR 1092/- and it was okay-ish for 2 people to eat their hearts out. Hope you guys too would try this hotel and let me know your thoughts.


Thank You.

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