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Vinayaga Marriage Catering Services furniture was just over and bang! I had another invite. It was just 2 days after VCS. This is also for a Facebook friend who got introduced to me around 2017 and we even went to the Egmore Museum! She was the host to Hotel Sennthur linked below (


It was her wedding on 17th Feb 2019 and the reception was on 16th Feb. The hall, Chellammal Sakthi Thirumana Maaligai was at Medavakkam High Road(UTI bank bus stop). The travel episode to this event began from Mandaveli. I had to go to Velachery and join my friend Muthuraman (known through Facebook) and we went together in a bus. Uff! The distance and the time taken made me soggy.

Finally when I reached the place, I saw a new set of friends – both from Social Media and from real life there. It was fun to meet everybody at a gathering and talking loads and loads of shit. Pesa aarmicha pesite irukom moment. We then handed over the gifts and photographs with the bride and the groom. Then the music was loud.


Jammy was uncontrollable. The kids too started to dance with him and boy he is full of energy. At least once you must meet people like Jammy (Ragavendiran is his real name) to see how people like him co-exist and how they just don’t show in our radar. There is even Barath, Sv and Prashanth equally visible.


Once the dance got over, we got to the dining area on the ground floor. It was buffet type dinner that had all the elements to go berserk. Let’s get to each one of them. The umbrellas reminded me of the kosukkellam kodai pudikiraru paarunga. It was great to see such an arrangement.


Pray to God like you see in Santhosh Subramaniam. I liked this setup and I can’t remember where I have seen this earlier.


The salads were well diced and arranged neatly on the plates. I just took some for formality and left the place.


Halwas were too good. I had two in the first round and I think I had one more before ending my dinner. The server anna was kind enough to serve to me during the 2nd and the 3rd time. Thank you na.


Now here comes the most important dish of my life – Paneer Butter Masala. It made a good side to the Chapathi, Set Dosai, Idiyappam, Noodles, Veg Pulao and Gobi 65. Ithuku mela etha vechu da nee itha thinba is now in your mind and I can read it guys. I loved this so much.


When I came here, I was like chapathi chapathi chapathi chapathi .. (just kidding, this has nothing to do with Aravind SA) but I had 2 and moved on.


I am seeing this too for the 1st time. The chutney was thick enough and it was a great side to the dosai. Also it tasted good with the Idiyappam’s kurma.


Ghetti chutney ah irunthalum nala iruku da moment.

The kurma had a pint of sweetness to it and I loved it along with the idiyappam. I was astonished that I only came to the starters. I still have the main course left.

“Enathu ithuku mela appam – thengai paal ah dei. Sethuruven da naanu, utrunga da enna” were the words that ran in my mind and so I skiiped the thengai paal and had the small piece of appam with kurma.


I forgot to take the picture of the noodles when it was brimful in this bowl. I went late to this counter and the guys with whom I came to the dinner were almost done with their dinner. Inime ivingaloda vara koodathu, very bad company.

Veg pulao and raitha was always a good combo to me and I even had Gobi 65, PBM and vadam to the pulao. It tasted great and I want this combo to continue in other weddings too. Thanks Aishwarya for this menu.

The combo for which you can have me for life. The Bissi Bela Bath – Potato curry combo ❤ is the dope-est as far as I know. This is totally extraordinary and my tummy said pothum niruthu, ilana unaku than prachana.

They even had the white rice and rasam but I skipped it and just the vadam and went to the curd rice. It was a great side to Veg Pulao, Bissi Bela Bath and even the noodles. Try this combo once and let me know how it is.

En da oru thayir saadhathuku ethana side dish da vepinga. En da ipdi lam panringa moment after I saw Vatha Kuzhambu, Avakkai and Mor Milagai for 1 curd rice. Then I placed the kuzhambu like this and had it. Next stop was at the sweets.


The kuzhambu was vera level. You can see that I still had Bissi Bela Bath to complete and then move on.

The Rasmalai and Elaneer Payasam were fabulous and I had 2 rasmalais. I was completely immovable and hence I had just one cup of payasam and left the hall. Ithuku mela mudila da saamy.

I hope you guys too are brimful now and want me to just stop it. That’s it for this catering post. I want to thank Aishwarya for the invite and I am so happy to have met a lot of new people out there. The caterers were always with a smiling face and they were serving it like inum konjam sapdu pa. Kudos to you guys too. See you again in another blog soon.

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  1. Vivek Vidhu says:

    Thlaivan Jammy fans club , Chennai branch 😍

    1. MS says:

      Podu thakida thakida ❤

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