Tea Villa Cafe, Vile Parle East

The Mumbai series went well and I began to enjoy the stay at Chembur (as usual, Bombay was killing it)! It was 30th Dec 2018, just 2 days ahead of the New Year. My friend (of course through Facebook), had her MBA exams and the centre was Mithibai College that had Anand Stall opposite to it.

Anand Dosa & Vada Pav stall (just opposite to the college) was in my list for a long time. I earlier went to the place in Jan 2017 with Surya and that was the 1st food walk I ever had in Bombay. This time it was Sharanya & her brother Hariharan who took me to all the places. Hariharan knows the local dialect pretty well – both Marathi and Hindi and he was killing it! He is the best google map you can probably integrate in your life. We started off from Anand Vada Pav, then moved onto The VJ Café, Naturals and finally ended up at Tea Villa Café.

  1. Anand Dosa & Vada Pav Stall, Vile Parle West.

The order was “Schezwan Cheese Grilled Vada Pav” costing around INR 60/-. The crowd was huge before the stall. The entire road know that they had to cross this mass of people to get to the other side.

The vada pav was good but I felt it was pricey! Hari spent about 10 to 15 minutes standing in the queue and battling with the other foodies before he could get me the vada pav. I’m sure you guys would definitely try it and let me know your thoughts, as this stall definitely features in the list of Must-eats in Mumbai.

2. The VJ Café, Vile Parle West

The order here was “Chilli Cheese Fries” that costed around INR 120/- and “Berry White Shake” that costed around INR 200/-. After crossing the road to the other side from Anand Stall, we started walking and talking about all the things from Madras to Bombay and others.

The café was small and had seating for about 10 to 15 people. The fries were good and had enough Cheese and sauce. I tried the shake and it tasted good. Hari told me that the fries weren’t as it used to be, but it was fine. Then we started walking again.

3. Naturals

It was an ice-cream parlour. The ambience was great and the place was all filled with kids running here and there to get their cone/tub.

The cost of any scoop was INR 60/-, the normal cone was INR 10/- and the waffle cone costed INR 20/-. I had Kesar Pista and I was the last one to complete my cone.

Hari and Sharanya had it in a swish. I had tonsils and so I ate it slowly (actual ah sapda koodathu, vera ena panrathu. Vithi).

4. Tea Villa Café, Vile Parle East.

After crossing some main junctions, we finally reached Tea Villa Café on MG Road. It had 2 floors – Ground and 1st. The first floor was fully open kinda like the roof top restaurant and it was great sitting amongst the plants and trees.

This is how seats are kept here. Hari and Sharanya were regulars to the place and I wanted to try this new Fondue concept!

Cheese Fondue Regular – INR 545/-

We waited for around 25-25 minutes to get our hands on this dish. It had a big bowl of cheese kept in the middle and surrounded by the following – boiled potatoes, baby corn, zucchini & yellow capsicum, mushroom & broccoli and bread cubes. The quantity was good enough for 3 of us – I had more than them (athan unmai).

I just took a pint of mushroom as I don’t eat it generally and kaatu thanama ate the other three. It was great. Taking the poker-ish knife hitting it on the veggie/bread cube and dipping it completely in the cheese. OMFG! It was great to eat all of those this way. This is the first time I am trying this dish and it completely blew me away. This is the must try here.

Fresh Lime Soda – INR 90/-

It is served in a bottle. I suppose the bottle holds more than 250 ml for sure and it was closed with a lid that had a hole for the straw. We ordered one first and then the other while having the fondue. Though it’s a bit pricey, I loved it taste. It made a good side to the fondue.

Thus the journey came to an end and I took an auto to Chembur station to get to my room. Both Hari and Sharanya were beautiful hosts for the day and they just made themselves available and took me through the streets of Vile Parle. So happy that Mark introduced me to you guys (:P)! Thank you so much guys!

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  1. Hariharan Iyer says:

    Always a pleasure brother…. 🙂

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