Vinayaga Marriage Catering Service, Thiruvanmiyur & Perungudi

It was Feb 14, 2019! Single thane ivan, Ena intro lam tharan, yes I can hear your mind voice. It was the Reception of my schoolmate. We met near Masudi Street in 2016 (8 years after school) and bang! The school days were gone and we were at different stages of our lives. Then after a long time it was a WhatsApp pop-up! She’s getting hitched. My God, life moved so fast! I still can’t believe that 3 months of 2019 are over! Per eh paatha la .. Vinayaga Mani ahm. Morattu Veeram Ajith fan ah irupano.The hall was at Virugumbakkam – a whopping 1 hour ride from my place amidst the traffic across Kodambakkam, Vadapalani, Saligramam and finally I managed to reach it. It was Jothi Indira Thirumana Mandapam. The date was a hot muhurtham and there were many weddings happening across the city!Greeted the couple and the girl have an introduction about me to the groom and then the mandatory Moi session along with the photograph happened! I left to the dinner hall after she insisted me to do a blog on the caterer. Ithuku mela namaku inga Ena Da velai, vaa kalambiruvom moment!The guests were greeted with watermelon, guava and another juice (I don’t remember it’s name). It was good and this gave you the initial relief from the heat after travelling! வினாயகர் was brilliantly decorated and placed near the juice counter so that people shall have the juice and even pray Appane Vinayagaa and go inside the hall.


This is the menu card. It has the name of the caterer and the bride-groom as well as the menu for the day. It’s not a usual practice to give this card individually to everyone who come to the wedding. I have seen banners outside the dining area where the whole menu is displayed but this is nice. It’s just a small card that can be kept in your shirt pocket.The dining hall was on the second floor and as usual it was crowded. Namma aalunga attendance podrathey anga thane moment.This is the first time I’m seeing this puller. They have places to keep the important dishes and serve it in every line rather than waiting for the server to come. The advantage of this is that people can serve on either rows simultaneously. Nice work VCS!

Got a place in the first row and I prepared myself for the event.  Vaanga ley, vanthu alli kottungaley  was the kind of moment I was in.


That’s the big picture of the banana leaf. Phulka, Paneer Butter Masala, vadam, Veg Pulao, Potato chips and so on. Let’s now dive into each of them.


Gobi fry was damn good. The salt and the spice content was well balanced and I had more than usual, even as a side to Pulao.


The phulka and PBM were good and I had 2 phulkas. PBM was the last dish to get to my tummy as it was the side to phulka, pulav, veg roll and even the potato chips. Phulka is the staple food of every vadakus irrespective of the place they now kudumbam nadathify. They get phulka-gasmed. It is also the staple food of Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, etc.


This is the Kathari mochai kaara curry. It was a bit oily but tasted great and was a great side to the Bissi bela bath. It was well spiced and served. I’m having this after a long time in receptions.


Veg roll was generally eaten at bakeries and boli stalls. I was surprised they served it here. It tasted great and along with the Avakka pickle this tasted fabulous. Please try this combo when you can.


The Bissi bela bath was at its best here. I totally loved it and I had more options for sides – vadam, Potato chips, Gobi fry, kathari mochai curry and even the avakkai pickle. I didn’t try the PBM for this (I hear you saying – ena kandraavi da ithu in Friends Radha Ravi tone).


How can a dinner end without Curd Rice ? I didn’t want to end my tummy on a spicier note and hence cooled it with some curd. I had Vatha kuzhambu (see it above the curd rice) as a side dish for this and the kuzhambu was damn good. Next time I have to try the kuzhambu for white rice and have it along with the side-dishes.


Rasamalai was great too. After completing all the main dishes, I had this and ended my event.


Finally they had Banarasi beeda and Ice cream. I was already overflowing and just took a picture of the Ice cream one aunty was holding. She co-operated for the picture and I thanked her. After getting the thengai pai, I bade goodbye to the couple and started on my journey to another country Alwarpet. One hell of a journey and damn good dinner to end the day! Thanks Uthra and Dinesh for the invite and I wish you good luck for the new chapter 🙂

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