As experience teaches us, ‘sin is indeed tempting’. You are aware of the ways in which your health and quality of life would improve and similarly attention to factors that can harm your biological system and yet you give in to the trap of temptation. Not just once, but repeatedly.


Processed food can be extremely injurious to your general health. A huge mass of people have processed food items after being familiar with its ill effects. The reason propelling them to do so is perhaps the good taste and easy accessibility. They live up to your cravings at odd hours and are extremely satisfying.

Kinds of processed foods you generally take:

processed food.jpg

  1. Snacks to savor: Binge eating can make you have some of the savory snacks. In the middle of the night, you might want to munch on chips, flavored and coated nuts or microwaved popcorn. These packed snacks may have dangerous effects on a person’s health and hence should be avoided.
  2. Processed meat: Bacon, salami or corned beef should be strictly kept away from as they include the threat of artificial hormones.
  3. Veggies in a tin: Tinned or canned vegetables could be a feasible option in your fast paced life but it clearly is not good for your health.
  4. Carbonated drinks: Carbonated drinks are enjoyable but they do interfere with a person’s physical fitness.0fec4db6dd304c9487a2a91c86692046.jpg
  5. Instant noodles, soups or other meals: Ready mixes and packed noodles seem to be a simple way of making tiffin or an evening snack but the health hazards they cause could alarm you. Processed food items such as these can lead to cancer as well.

Natural food substitutes that can be equally gratifying:

  1. Boiled potatoes sprinkled with cucumber, tomatoes, chili flakes and salt should always be preferred over potato chips.Balanced diet.jpg
  2. Consume fruits, especially citrus fruits regularly. Try to maintain a safe distance from packaged fruit juices as they contain preservatives and a great deal of sugar.
  3. Tofu that is made from soya is high in nutrients and should be a great substitute for chicken nuggets.
  4. One can deal with his/her cravings for mayonnaise by switching to hung curd dip. They taste quite similar. Hummus is also a great option as it doesn’t contain animal fat that is actually harmful when stored or preserved.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult a Certified Nutritionist & get answers to your questions!


N.B.Harini M.Sc(Clinical Nutrition)., RD., CDE.

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