Soo Meen, Taramani


The outlet was started just days back and I know the owner through a mutual friend of mine. The hotel is present in Taramani Road next to the Masjid Allah mosque which is minutes away from the Taramani Bus Stop! The place is easily accessible by train and bus.



Nandu Gravy – INR 110/-


One of the best in Chennai. Apart from its mouthwatering taste, it had its own maruthuva gunam which clears the cold and other issues internally. For the first time I never had sweat flowing on my face while eating this (usually eating crab automatically gives sweat flowing on the face). Perfect blend of the spices and the masala which makes it good to taste, and no after effects (if u know what I mean) :P!

Meen Kuzhambu



This dish has done complete justice to its name so meen! Its spicy as well as tempting. This kuzhambu reminds me of our traditional paati samayal where the masala is ground with the ammikal. It gives the same taste as that of our traditional south side meen kuzhambu. The soft idly with this meen kuzhambu made my day!

Mutton Kola Urandai – INR 110/-


This dish has successfully replicated the original madurai style! Right from the shape, its crispiness, the stuffed mutton inside, everything has a Madurai touch! If you want to get a feel of naagalum madurai kaaran thaan da, then this is a must try.

Ketti Kuzhambu


This is the ultimate of all the things I have had here. We call it as rendaavuthu naal kuzhambu, (yes you read that right)! Usually the kuzhambu has this tendency to taste better on the next day. In the same way, a part of today’s meen kuzhambu is taken, prepared again on the next day and served to us. It’s extremely delicious! I don’t think we can use it with rice and it is made as a side dish for tiffin. This dish would be my personal recommendation.

Fish 65 & Vanjaram Fry – INR 100 & INR 100 respectively!


Well both were good. I wouldn’t say it’s extremely delicious like the other dishes. But yeah it served its part well. Worth it but not out of the box. But one thing to be noted is, the fish was fresh. It was soft like a panjumittai and you don’t get that odour which many won’t like. It was neat, clean and fresh!


Panner Soda – INR 40/-


I like their principle of not including cool drinks which have added flavours in their menu. No pepsi, coke or any other plain artificial drink. They have 4 types of soda – Lemon, Mint, Ginger and finally the thalaivar, the originator – Paneer soda. In all these, they have original lemon, mint and ginger crushed and mixed well in the soda rather than just adding its essence. This is also my personal recommendation. Do check their menu and the bill below.



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