Mittoss Vegg Factory, Mylapore

January 31st Reception sambavam was just over and it was the 1st week of February! I usually go to the Sai Baba temple, Mylapore every thursday when I am in Chennai! One of my Facebook friend, Subramanian (who lived near kutcheri road and is a local weightu kai) would accompany me to the temple and we would talk our hearts out everytime. On one such Thursday, we decided to go to this hotel that was gaining traction among the area members and we reached the place. The hotel is on Dr. Ranga Road, on the other side of Sai Baba temple and just minutes away from the Nandhalala Cultural Centre.

Location – Mittoss Vegg Factory
107, Dr Ranga Rd, East Abiramapuram, Marwadi Thottam, Narasimahapuram, Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004. 044 2466 0245

That’s the supervisor I suppose. He was patient enough to explain what are the ingredients in the dish and what combinations to choose. The ambience was great, totally silent inside.

We went to the 1st floor and it looked like this. You have glasses in between each table so that you have your privacy. The hotel had a very minimal crowd because it was started sometime ago, like less than a year! We looked at the menu and started to order.

Sweet Corn Veg Soup – INR 74/-

We shared the soup as 1/2 and had it with pepper and salt! It was okayish – lite ah chappunu. The vegetables were nicely cut and boiled. The soup was a bit creamy and not so watery. Pricing was a bit on the higher side.

Crispy Chilly Baby Corn – INR 249/-

I had baby corn fry earlier but I haven’t tried this anywhere. It had neatly cut baby corn, onions, capsicums and tomatoes that are fried and chilli-ed to the exact spiciness needed to you! Too much of oil and spicy masala would’ve definitely made this worse, but this was the best ever baby corn chilly I’ve ever had. The celery was too good and I heard that it’s a good anti-oxidant! This one is a must try here! For the price, the quantity was sufficient for 2 people.

Paneer Barbecue Medium Pizza – INR 239/-

8 pieces for 239, I can hear you guys! I also read your mind voice that pizza 239 ruvaa aana baby corn 249 ruvva! Nalla partnership! But that’s how it is here! The pizza along with the some seasonings tasted great and this too fits 2 people! All the items we had here were shared and I felt for this price it was worth it! I am a paneer fanatic and so I chose this but do try the other ones and let me know your thoughts.

Creamy AL Pesto Pasta – INR 229/-

This was a huge bowl! I was already brimful after having heavy doses of baby corn fry and the pizza. Subramanian was like enala mudila nee sapdu ya mode! I had to eat this all by myself and he had a pinch to taste! The pasta was the best part here! It was so creamy that it slid though my throat and landed in my tummy! The Oreo biscuits are put to shame, the pasta was so creamy! Pesto sauce gave the pasta a good flavour of basil and it was served with corn too! I have to try their other pastas here to see how good they are!

Subramanian ordered for take away to his house. We ordered a different pasta but we were served something else. The supervisor was calm and explained this situation to us and also gave us a free pasta as a kind gesture! My goodness, intha manasu iruke ithan kadavul moment! Relate this free .. free .. free experience to the Nanban sequence where Vijay explains to Jiiva!

That’s us after the dinner. The bill was INR 1205/-. I took more and more pictures of the dishes we are there, so guys do make sure to like, follow and subscribe the various social media channels whose links are given below. Let me know your comments once you try this hotel!

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