Blind Ch3mistry, Eldams Road, Teynampet

It’s been quite some time since someone from a restaurant invited me to try the place and review it out. Fortunately my friend Danie Britto, referred me to the owners of this franchise and they reached out to me. I had a meet that was pending for a long time with my school friend and we decided to meet there.

This place is just minutes away from the Alwarpet Andavar’s house. Hotel Samco, another famous restaurant too is on this place. You find this hotel in Ava enna enna thedi vantha Anjala song from Vaaranam Aayiram.

The owners have totally renovated the 5 BHK apartment into a restaurant that has the best ambience I’ve ever seen. They have 4 different types for people of different kinds.
A. Concoction Center – For people who love shots.
B. Challenge Chamber – for game enthusiasts.
C. Zen Den – for people who love Japan and of course absolute silence and privacy.
D. Crate Escape – for people who love lego. This is the best place for kids.
Apart from all these they have canvas swinging chairs for kids and for people of all ages to swing while eating (:P).

The owners explained all these places to us and we finally selected a place to have our dinner.

The menu was given to us in 2 letter pads – food & milkshakes.

1. Smoky BBQ Fries – INR 280/-

The complete order was Smoky BBQ fries with Chipotle sauce (mexican), parmesan cheese added with diced paneer. Had you guys been following me for some time, you can see that I am a paneer freak. I wanted this to go veg as my friend had a completed non-veg thingy coming over. The chipotle sauce gave the pepperish flavor to the fries along with its jalapeno. Paneer was completely peppered and I totally loved it. The tomato ketchup that was given in a cup along with the fries was of no use as we enjoyed it to the core.

The parmesan cheese jelled well with the fries and not only it got to our tummy sooner but it made its way to the end of the bowl. The price is a bit on the higher side, but nevertheless we enjoyed it and the server was kind enough to wait for us to get to our tables, as we were busy taking pictures and videos of the ambience. This is the 1st time I am having Paneer with French fries and it was top-notch. The quantity was good enough for 2 people, though I had more than my friend.

2. Swirl Fish Pizza Cups – INR 350/-

This is the dish he wanted to try and I’m sure he felt it to be completely full. Though the name seems to be a little fancy, the taste sits on top of everything. The kuboos are shaped like the Dhonnai (the Sakkara pongal kinnam, we get at temples) and is filled with the top most layer of a delicious pizza.

It doesn’t end there, just hang on, the fried curl fish is dipped in it and is to be had with nachos. I wish, I could have this fish dish every night. Since it was drool worthy, I think I can get over the price.

3. Penne Arrabbiata – INR 375/-

Arrabbiata means “anger” in Italian. True to its name, it was completely filled with red sauce, broccoli, cucumber, red capsicum, yellow capsicum and some other vegetable, apart from the pasta. I ordered this veg item and I was pretty sure that I cannot complete it all alone. My friend was still having his Fish Pizza Cups and was refusing to finish. I asked him to have some for taste, but boy he didn’t take even a pint of it. I had to eat it all by myself.

I was brimful but yet I had to put this to my tummy. They were served with 2 garlic breads, supposedly to be used as spoons for the pasta. How can 2 be sufficient for this giant bowl? Had there been an option, I would have asked for more. But I used the bread as a spoon and took a photograph. Overpriced, but seems nominal if two people can have it.

We skipped the milkshakes due to the fact that “ithuku mela saaptrundha vaanthi than. Apram veetuku ila, hospital than ponum“.

The bill came around INR 1005/-. It would have costed less, had we skipped the Pasta, but nevertheless we had a great time here, talking our hearts out as we are meeting after 9 years. The last time we met was for the 12th Board exams (:P)!


Thank you so much for the support. Make sure you visit the place and do drop your comments below.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Prashanna Bose says:

    I’ve been here quite a while back. More than food the ambience was good to bring your girlfriend for a Friday eve.

    1. MS says:

      Exactly 🔥

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