Sri Padmavathi Catering, Velachery

It was the last day of January 2019. This is another friend’s reception, whom I got to know through Mark Zuckerberg. The hall was far away from the city limits, at a remote place called Chrompet. Luckily, I had one office colleague who was going through the GST Road to SP Koil and he dropped me near the H-bridge next to the Chrompet railway station.

People started to pour in after 7.30 PM and these people have arranged some extra curricular activities too.

When I came to the place, at around 6.25 PM, it looked like this.

The bride and the groom made their way to the stage. The people who were eagerly waiting to get to the dinner hall stood in line to give the gifts/Moi and took pictures with the couple. There was light music playing on one side. I took pictures of the different things that were on display, like the one below.

The entrance to this hall had juice and soup, served to the people who came to the event. I tasted the soup and it was good. It had extra bread crumbs soaked nicely in the soup. I skipped the juice, to drink the soup.

OMG. I seeing it just now. I missed the popcorn too! Ok never mind, let’s go with the saying Ena ottanumo athan ottum. I had Bhel Puri and the quantity was good enough to prepare you for the big event, in this case buffet.

The Bhel was great. I proceeded to the dinner floor by around 8.15 PM and that’s it! I’m impressed.

The guy in the turban made sure the vegetables for the salad were nearly diced and available on time.

Had tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and carrots from this lot and moved onto the main centre. This is where the sambavam starts and I absolutely lost control.

This sweet is called Maalpua. It’s a popular dessert in Odisha and served widely during Raj Sankranti. This is also popular in Bangladesh and Nepal.

Here comes the Gulab Jamun. Fabulous and awesome as usual and no words to explain. I thought of going for another round, but hey I had plans to shed some weight and have little food than usual.

The spring rolls were okayish, but not bad. I had 2 of those and moved to the next counter. Let me know if the picture I take are good or okay. I have to improve, don’t I.

Chapathi has become the chair in our houses that has all the clothes, bags, covers, etc. People don’t know why it’s there, but it is what it is.

This is what I was waiting for. Every item of the menu made it’s combo with the Paneer Butter Masala, supposedly this has become the must have in all receptions. People still search for it and sometimes stay near the counter itself refill their plates. I m definitely one of those.

This was the vegetable manchurian. Unfortunately it had a wild flavour is capsicums and I just loved it. With the biryani (ofcourse vegetable), this made a great combination.

Once the chapathi is done, people come to this place and it’s called the Vegetable Biryani. I had some, didn’t get to it the second time but I liked it.

Potato roasts are the ones I die for. With Bissi Bela Bath, it made a fantastic combo and I had this with biryani too. Perfectly diced and sauteed, this had a bit of salt and pepper mixed. That was lovely. I’ve never had this anywhere before.

Gobi 65 or Gobi Manchurian dry was okayish. Nevertheless, I got totally drowned into the potato roast, I never cared to look this. The Gobi 65 had its face like the guy in Am I a joke to you meme. I m sorry Gobi.

This is how my plate looked after crossing the initial stages of the reception.

The thought that I missed my daily dose of vegetables crossed my mind and so I had a bit of this cabbage. This made its way to my tummy along with the Bissi Bela Bath.

No words to express. I had enough bath to complete the potato roast and the cabbage in my plate. For the second time, I had a lesser quantity just that the vadams could accommodate it.

Did you see that ? It’s almost over and waiting to get cleaned. I am lucky that I got to have it with Bissi Bela Bath and Rasam rice. The combo worked big time.

Most of the caterers serve white rice and we kalanthu adichify with the rasam. But of late, people serve mixed rasam rice and here, it was good. I just had some for taste and went ahead to the next section.

I took just the snap and didn’t taste this (😞). I moved onto paayasam/kheer and I was disloyal to the curd rice.

Can you see the badam pieces floating atop the kheer? I was taking photographs of all the items and I am thankful to the servers. They were patient and had a broad smile while serving the guests. Everybody were calm and composed. Hats off to the team for this.

While I was taking the above picture, one girl wanted to have it and her hand crossed my frame. The server asked her to wait until I got my picture and then she took the cup. I was like, anne Nagaraj anne, ivlo naal enga ney iruntha!

There were other items after curd rice like Vatha kuzhambu (not Wathaa Kuzhambu), mor molaga and avakkai oorga. I didn’t try them too, my bad.

If you need any reference to get to these caterers, let me know. I shall help you out.

Fruits are being cut for the fruit salad with ice cream gumbal and just see the choices of fruits they have.

Please don’t mind this particular picture of the carrot halwa. I had the halwa in one had and was adjusting the 6″ phone on the other, so I couldn’t get it right. Hope you understand the difficulties of being a blogger.

The crowd was still lit with the Kannodu Kaanbathellam song from Jeans. I met some friends from common circles at the place and we took a picture together. I forgot to click the pictures of the couple, sorry Abhi.

Wished the couple good luck and we left the place. Hope you guys enjoyed the travel and make sure to like, share and subscribe the blog with your friends and families. Let’s meet again in another blog.

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