Motel Highway, Nazarathpettai, Poonamallee

My mom had a long pending trip to Thiruvallur to this temple called as வைத்திய வீரராகவ சுவாமி கோயில். We finally decided to start early on a Sunday and have breakfast at Motel Highway, our usual stopover and then get to the temple. We set out to the temple.

It was somewhat dim lit to me, I don’t know why. We found out it to be jam-packed. Every car that went by stopped here for breakfast. These guys had a reputation for more than 10 years (to my remembrance)! A waiter came to our table and we ordered the following.

1. Idly – INR 47.62/-

(Hope you rotate your phone and have a look at it)!

This is the food that I most of times have because as a 90’s kid I was brought up by saying, idly dosai than udambuku onume pannathu. Travel la laam athan nallathu, as if i was travelling from Kanniyakumari to Kashmir and that it would take more than 48 hours to reach. I couldn’t change it as this is the dish that’s available within seconds of you ordering it. It’s easy to prepare and gets digested easily too. All the 3 Chutneys served were damn good, especially that tomato chutney. They have one server to serve just the sambhar and the Chutneys alone to all tables (on call)! The sambhar just made it’s way to some of the bests that I’ve ever had. 2 idlis for 48 is highly overrated but it is what it is.

2. Plain Dosa – INR 66.67/-

I know you guys are wondering about the presence of the Chutneys. The chutney guy then came to my table and served it after 5 minutes. This guy was the most sought-after here. Everybody goes gaga about Chutneys and sambhar because it’s good and that people don’t have it with the main dish but have that as their main dish. Though overpriced, the dosai was good.

3. Coffee – INR 33.32/-

With the usual after-breakfast-coffee template, we ordered 2 and shared it amongst us. No complaints whatsoever. The coffee was fabulous and had milk, decoction and sugar in right proportions, overpriced though.

The total bill was INR 515/-. We then set out to our temple plan. That was it for the breakfast. Hope you found it useful and do let me know your thoughts if you find time to go to this place.

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Hotel Location – Motel Highway (Sri Adhinatha Pure Veg, Nazarathpettai, Chennai – 124. Ph: 044 2627 3301

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