Sardar Pav Bhaji, Tardeo Road

Hailing from the south, my first introduction to Chat was from the thallu vandi Pani Puri guy. Then I was slowly explained about how this is the staple food of the North of India and there is much more than just Pani Puri. Samosa Channa was my favourite but Pav Bhaji always had a soft corner. When I went to Mumbai for the third time during Dec 2016, the guy who came with me had a list of must visit places there and this shop was one among it.

Fast forward to 2018 and I was on my year end Vacation to Mumbai with Bhargav, the guy who has never been there yet. After gaining some friends through social media, I was set to meet some of them. Day 1 of Mumbai had Bhagya (aniku engalukaaga vantha), the Dombivali girl taking us to the places and being our translator. The schedule ranged from Siddhivinayak to Haji Ali to Dadar. After visiting all those places, we headed to this awesomatic of the aaromale place, Sardar Refreshments.

As soon as I saw the pav bhaji plates being placed on the other tables, I was awestruck, rather shocked. Oh my God! I was literally betrayed for about 15 years. The bhaji in Chennai was hardly 50% the size of the plate. Here, they serve it a plateful (what! really :O). It looks so nice that they place a bar of Amul butter atop it. Adapaavigala ivlo naal evlo chat vangi saptrupen, oruthan kuda itha sollaliye Da moment. Food betrayal is a punishable offence. Make sure you travel to all the places and get to know the people, their food, their culture and lot more. The place is located at Tardeo, just minutes away from the Haji Ali Juice centre. You can take a taxi and it would cost you about INR 30/-.

This is their menu. We ordered the Amul Pav Bhaji. I had the Cheese Pav Bhaji earlier and it looked amazing. See it here Cheese Pav Bhaji

We ordered 2 and we decided to share it among us.

This was present in the table. I like the lemon with pepper, some chat masala and raw onions put together, but I saved it for the Bhaji.

This is the Amul Pav Bhaji’s Bhaji. What more do I need to type ? Just that glance of it will make every chat lover go berserk and frenzied. In fact you can even term it bhaji-gasm-ed. I have never seen this much butter placed atop a hot bhaji. You can even see that the butter is getting thawed and melted by the heat of bhaji. The pav too is butter bathed and served.

This is hands down the best butter oozing pav bhaji I have ever had. We had more bhaji than expected and so we ordered 4 pavs and had it after the first round. We didn’t want to have any other thing as this was totally filling.

The bhaji was piquant and scrumptious. This is a must try when you go to Mumbai. Though it’s a bit on the higher side with INR 140/- tagged, I feel it’s to get bhaji-gasm-ed. At least try once and then decide.

That’s the bill. Bhagya paid the bill. That was kind of her. We then boarded the bus to Dadar. Once we got down from the bus and started walking towards the station, we had cutting chai.

Oru cutting than irukum, aana super ah irunthuchu. Priced at INR 08/- this was the stress reliever amongst the traffic. The aroma travelled throughout your body, mind and soul.

You see that. That’s Mumbai. People are so fast and so busy. There is no space in Mumbai, everything has to be done outside, literally on the streets. Mumbai thrives on the streets. These people form the backbone of Mumbai and not the elitists. Experience it. Live it!

Thank you so much for the support. Hope you would try this place and let me know your thoughts. Like, share and subscribe the blog. Follow me on Instagram.

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Let’s meet again in another Mumbai Diaries blog.

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