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This is my 75th blog. Between June 2017 until today, I m so thankful to you guys for giving me this recognition and support. This is dedicated to all of you and I hope to get your continued support and love. Hope I get to my 💯 th blog soon.

As mentioned in the SL Caterers blog, Novembers & weddings go hand in hand. A college mate came up with an invite and we decided to go to the Reception! The guy told me to definitely write a blog after trying it. The day finally came. I was thrown in for a lot of surprises. I think this would be the blog that has maximum photographs and most importantly my personal hit record for trying so many items. After the event, the bride kept following me as to when it will be published and I finally found time to do it. Sorry Anand & Smruthi.

This is the mandapam from the outside. Clean and neat decoration.

That’s the couple whose reception had the forthcoming sambavam.

This is the dining hall. It was all buffet and we had to stand amongst the crowd at the centre and have the dinner. Some chairs were there for the oldies who would usually go berserk about the event and talk all nonsensical things and go gaga about it. Aana samma kootam, summa ila.

That’s us from the AIHT 2010 to 2014 batch reuniting again in another college mate’s wedding. It was great to see all the mates again and talk beautiful memories left after we completed our college. As always lots of sambavams, swear and cuss words, sightings were there, oh come on we were a class full of boys, what else do you expect when I said sambavam.

The above pictures represent the total items that were a part of just the Reception menu from the start to the end. It was a complete Bangostraha. I bet you need atleast some days to completely memorise it and reproduce it from your memory. Itha solla ungaluku sila naatkal aagum. It was literally dei Ena Da it ithu, Minister veetu function range ku iruku moment.

Gobi 65 a.k.a ajinomoto-ed Cauliflower Pakoda. It’s will always be in my list of favourites to try in a dinner. I simply cannot do without it. It was vera level here. Just tasted a bit of soup from my friend and started off with this.

Poori & Chapathi. I swear I have never eaten both at the same time in any function till now. I don’t know if anybody would have it again. I could eat 1 poori in 1 go with all the PBM I had. Chapathi was good too.

The Dope-est part of the Dinner. If at all I get lost somewhere, you can always find me near this counter. Such is my craze for Paneer and it’s softness. I’ve had this for all the main dishes irrespective of whether it seemed to be a good combo or not. Avlo veri enaku paneer mela (:P)! The guy who served this shall escape any Tsunami that comes just for the fact that he served with a big broad smile whenever I asked for Paneer & curry.

This idlies were podi-fied. It looked like they took the mini idly and bathed it completely in a bucket of podi and then placed it to display. The podi had some tasty ghee too! Dope-est and fabulous I would say.

Uthappam or Oothappam or whatever you would say! With the chutnies and sambhar this too was added to my list of special items. Just see how crowded my plate was after all these additions.

In the mean time I forgot to take a picture of spring roll and veg salad. The tawa subzi near Gobi 65 was good and it went well with chapathi. Please note that it doesn’t stop here. This is just the trailer.

MLA pesarattu from Andhra. Adapaavigala, epo Da ithelam add paninga reception menu la moment. This too was great with coconut, mint and tomato chutney.

This is the Rasa Vadai. Apart from this they had Sambhar Vadai & Thayir Vadai too.

Thonda thonda inum poite iruku la moment when I saw so many vadais all over.

Alas I had Sambhar and thayir vadai.

Next came the Boli with ghee. Awesome. It’s time for some noruku theenis and these are all the things they had.

Senai chips that’s usually not given in functions. May be this was the guest appearance here.

Boondhi that’s always the chair that has all the clothes, bag and other items in the house.

Nendram chips that was fabulous. Eating this after a long time.

The masala-ed cashew nuts and the other chips were a total sambavam altogether. So many side-dishes for all. Totally blown away with all these.

After this time I remembered that the rice and the sweet sections were left. Jumped directly to the rice section only to get rice bombed.

The veg biryani was at its best. It was supported by Potato fry and cabbage.

Even the Bissi Bela Bath was totally potato-fied in my plate. I was not able to click pictures of my plate and so I got all the items clicked beforehand.

The cabbage is another constant side dish in every reception or wedding anywhere in South India. Irrespective of the region, it serves as a great side to all the main dishes.

Completely Bissi Bela Bath-ed and with Potato fry it was something more than heaven. Blissful Maxx. This combo should be a must try.

This one was another surprise in the menu. It reminded me of how I used to steal this from my mates’ lunch bags back in school just to eat it all by myself. Oh my god! Thanks guys for having this in your menu. This made a good combo with Bissi Bela Bath and even the biryani.

The rasam rice too had a nice flavour and was good.

How can you not end the session with this ? Oh wait, but I skipped it. Since I had to take paayasam, I didn’t take curd rice but just took a snap of it. The raithas that have been kept as sides were Onion, mixed vegetable, boondhi and pomegranate.

With a heavy heart, I went to the sweet section and got hold of all the items. Just have a look at it.

Go and just dive into this and get Gulab Jamun-ed. Tasted great. The halwas were – Kasi, Wheat, Carrot & Ashoka.

My favourite Kaju Katli that was minimised. The only sweet I’ve been eating since the age of 5.

Carrot halwa was prodigious in this section and made it’s way to my tummy. The sweets whose photos weren’t present as individual pictures are taken as a group here. Please find the baadhusha in that picture.

After these sambavams, there was the ice cream and paan.

This is the infamous Agra paan. I think it’s made with pumpkin. I had this at another wedding and it was great.

This badam kheer was marvellous. Totally floored by its taste.

Ithuku per ena nu therila. Neengale mela menu paathu kandupudichukonga please.

Skipped the ice-cream as I wanted to give my tummy some rest. It was overflowing and I was brimful.

I know that after seeing all these, you guys would have completed your meal and you too are brimful. This day I gained about 5 to 10 kgs and I cannot reduce it for sure.

I did not ask how much was the catering but I m sure it had a lot of finance involved. I shall tag the bride and the groom in this post, so please make sure to use their reference in case you are booking this particular caterer for your event. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to know more about this.

Every dish I ate was good. I cannot complain at all. I was overflowing, the crowd was overflowing. The servers were totally cool and they all had big beautiful smiles on their faces.

Thank you so much.

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