Hotel Swaad, Thiruvananthapuram

When it’s December, it’s time for some vacation and to me it’s was 2 cities – Trivandrum & Bombay (I love calling it Bombay than Mumbai, as how people still call Chennai as Madras). I asked for some hotel referrals to my online friends and one of them wanted me to try this particular hotel as they have Sadhya meals throughout!

Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala. The people are so concerned about their language that you rarely find any KSRTC bus having it’s route name and number in English. It’s only in Malayalam. People are helping, but this particular aspect, I thought is a bit hard as it is difficult for people who travel, who have just moved in from another city, etc. I would suggest that this government would do something about it apart from all the good that’s happening in the state.

I finally located this place. It’s very near to the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple. Asked where the Onam style sadhya is served and went to the 1st floor.

It was a big hall and people were already having it one by one. This hotel considers the special meals section a pride and tries to deliver but wait just go through this and decide.

That’s how they roll yo!

This is the whole big banana leaf that was arranged with all the necessary ingredients. They serve both pacharisi & puzhungal arisi. The choice can be made but no extra charges.

The ever famous paruppu saadham with an eyeball sized ghee topping. What a great start to the meal. It was great as I was having paruppu saadham after a long time (almost forgot how it would taste).

The next templated sambhar rice. It was another fabulous outing in the meal with the 2 potato dishes and beetroot salad. The beetroot salad was extraordinary. I found a new love here.

Mor kozhambu was unexpected but they had it and it was ok. It made a good combo with chips and olan.

They served 3 payasams – paruppu, semiya & elaneer. This was the best part of the meal. All 3 were damn good and the boli was top notch.

They had another payasam but I didn’t have it. I think it was ash gourd payasam (I don’t remember it – sorry guys). I skipped it and went directly to the rasam and ended it with curd rice. Rasam had some good garlic flavour and it was not piping hot but okay.

That’s the boli that was served with some ghee and it tasted vera level with the semiya paayasam. You guys try this out and let me know how it is.

Oh god, I m sorry! I located the rasam rice picture and here it is. Finally after curd rice, the meal came to an end. The items are served innumerable times on request but you have to wait. Wait till good thing happens in your life. Wait till you get married, that too to a Malayali. Wait till the Thuppakki sleeper cells get their next mission update. Wait till you turn into a sleeper cell.

This places just had 3 to 4 people serving an entire hall of guests. People had to wait for 30 minutes before the banana leaf was given. Then you had to wait for another 15 minutes for the dishes to start their journey from the kitchen to your Banana leaf. I had to wait for getting the dish I asked. They closed this meal by around 2.30 PM, as they couldn’t serve it.

Costing around INR 180/- per head, this is the costliest vegetarian meal I have ever eaten. I could’ve very well gone to another place and filled my tummy for the same but this was suggested by a facebook friend. The dishes were good but the waiting time made it worse. Next time you go (I’m sure you won’t), please count the number of dishes and make sure you tried it all.

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