Golden Chaat, Mint Street, Sowcarpet

Sowcarpet is synonymous with a lot of things mainly the saet guys and girls and the ever famous sandwich, lassi, sweets, etc. It was another long awaited meet with a friend. The Meteorological department even gave an announcement of a possible rain but the day had chill weather and cool breeze flowing through the city.

We started by searching Kakada Ramprasad and took a seat in the 1st floor. The menu was expensive and we just had one badam pista milk that costed us around INR 115/- (taxes inclusive), that was too overrated.

The price to quantity ratio was so bad. I don’t think so, I would ever visit the place again (if I am paying the bill :P).

After a successful chase, we landed at the mint street – the happening place in Sowcarpet. We found this particular shop and read the menu.

I wanted to try the Cheese Poori while the guy who came with me was still choosing what to order. This particular arrangement of the puris (shown above) urges you to eat all those like someone giving an infinite number of Pani puris for free.

1. Cheese Puri – INR 40/-

Cheese Puri

It had 6 puris topped with the usual chat item stuff, mint chutney, onions, corainder leaves and was loaded heavily with cheese. Make sure to checkout the YouTube link below the image for it’s making. It was such a delight to watch and it did make you cheesified.

It was the chukka puri you get at the end of your Pani Puri round but loaded with the above said ingredients. It was different try and it turned out to be fabulous. Do get to this place and try it for sure. The price shall be +/-20.

You can find the YouTube link here –

2. Grill Sandwich – INR 80/-

The guy finally decided to eat something and ordered this. Loaded with tomatoes, onions, some potatoes and cucumber, the cheese inside did flow to all the gaps it found and filled it. Every bite of it seemed to be cheese and just look at this picture to get drooled over.

The mint chutney adds a nice taste to all the chat items and it’s just inseparable. The discussions, the food and the cheese finally came to an end with a walk up to Broadway depot. We then chatted our hearts out among the crowd running berserk to find the bus that goes to their place and bade goodbye to each other.

Thank you so much for your support. Happy New Year 2019 to all of you and I hope this year turns out to be a blast for all of us.

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  1. Rukmani Shankar says:

    When ever I go to Sowcarpet, I never miss to visit this place at least for a plate of pani puri :p 🙂

    1. MS says:


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