Ritchie Street, Mount Road

This particular small Bullock cart outlet is famous among all the people who go to Ritchie Street, Wallers road right next to India Silk House Private Limited. Anybody who comes here will definitely have samosas, Gulab Jamuns and Jilebi’s. I would call it the commoner’s kadai.

1. Samosa Sundal – INR 5/- per piece.

The samosas are waiting to be fried in gallons of oil placed in the kadaai. It’s mixed with white konda kadalai (I think, not sure – see picture below for the sundal) made into channa-ish sabji and served with mint chutney. This sundal-ised samosa is better and great than what you get for 20/- or 30/- in other so-called-high-end-chat shops. Those are literally thanda kadumanthrams in front of this samosa, I bet.

That’s how it’s fried. Deeply fried. The dough is so crisp as the bite of lays chips while watching an India – Pakistan cricket match. The vegetable masala was to the point and I think you don’t need an explanation to try it out.

The mint chutney gelled well with the samosa-masala and it was Dope! Served piping hot, you can have innumerable number of plates as you wish and they are faster and quicker than a cheetah (not the Siva you guys think ok) in serving your plate. For the price, they give more than you expect! Hats off to them.

2. Gulab Jamun – INR 20/- (for 5 pieces)

The jamuns, I think are about three fourths the size of 1 ping pong ball. Doesn’t it look like you want to take the paathiram and drink it apdiye without give it to anyone else, because sharing in food is a punishable offence (:P)! They give 5 pieces for 20/-, man this is an ultimate high in prices. Even Flipkart and Amazon don’t give deals throughout the year but these guys are more than them! They are literally Jamun gods I would say.

3. Jilebi – INR 20/- for 100 grams.

This is given in green plates. It wasn’t hot but it tasted somewhat okayish I would say. I didn’t expect too much from this and I wasn’t disappointed either.

Sorry guys, that’s my manager holding both so that I could get a clear picture. This is evanuku Da intha maari laam aal kidaipaan moment. Finally he paid for all we ate and we left to our respective areas.

It was great to have spent so less for an evening smack and yet the heart is filled and overflowing with samosas, jilebis and gulab jamuns. They guys are just churning out things and keep giving out plates and cups and plates and cups. I don’t think they ever get tired of this!

Thank you so much for the support. Let’s meet again in the next blog.

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