S. L. Caterers, Perambur

It was November 2018. The saying “Novembers & marriages make the best pair” is true 100%! I was invited to another wedding – reception and this time it was a friend from my French tuition! It was literally WhatsApp notification varapove doubtu, ipo confirm moment.

The tuition mate happened to be the cousin of my school mate and we met after 8 effing long years. Lots and lots of conversations about all the other boys and girls while some turning into uncles and aunties. Some even going a little further into getting admissions into schools for their kids, while we sit here and worry about vaazhkaiye ipdiye poiduma daa. Totally enjoyed the conversation, got added to the school WhatsApp group and finally went for dinner.

The dining hall was jam-packed! The mandapam that’s placed right next to the Udhayam theatre had all the facilities. Right from the Paani Puri stall to the Beeda, you name it, they had it all.

I had Pani Puri, corn and some bhel Puri. This was the teaser or first look for the Dinner. I was prepared to get exhausted.

The corn was great and the butter was mixed in right proportions with the chat masala.

With all the conversations, some blatantly stopped some continuing till now, we got to sit in one of the rows and voila elai potachu.

Started off with the soup. It was a hot & sour soup that had the right amount of spice and the correct amount was perfect, maybe around 4 to 5 spoons.

Jilebi was at its best and it wasn’t too oily. Basundi was kept next to it but I saved it for the last.

Spring roll and this pista roll had multiple rounds on my banana leaf with the server allowing me to enjoy it.

Surprisingly, the menu had chilly parota and I am having this in a reception dinner for the first time. Chapathi was followed by Paneer Butter Masala and I just love the combo with all my heart. If you do a blood test you can find large amounts of Paneer deposits in it for sure.

On the second serve of the PBM, the server understood my motive and it was Dope! He was just pouring it over.

Vegetable Biryani, as they call it was good too and it went well with the PBM, cabbage and ladies’ finger roast. This was another Dope item on the menu.

Upon eating I found out that onion raitha was a good combo with chapathi. It was kinda good but still depends on the curd you use. Try it out and let me know if you liked it. Cabbage, beans and carrot mix was good and it served as a great combo to Bissi Bela Bath. Oh my God!

I intentionally placed the cashews after a deep dive into the bath and found 4. It tasted fabulous.

Some leftover ladies’finger roast made its way to the Bissi Bela Bath round and that tasted awesome too.

If you can notice that picture that had all the items spread over the banana leaf didn’t have the pista roll! I didn’t have the patience to wait for it. Yes you are right. I cannot control some sweets kept in front of me.

After basundi, it was time to say goodbye to the paneer server and we made our way to the main hall again.

This is the photograph of the happy couple and my schoolmate taken after the dinner. Finally bade goodbye to all of them and wished them good luck for their new life.

This was another counter next to the dining table. It was like Oru manushan evlo Da saapduvan, enda thinga veche kondruvinga pola moment. If you guys want to book this caterer for your events, do contact them and let me know for reference.

Thank you so much for the support ❤️

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