Rayar’s Mess, Mylapore

It was a Saturday evening. I had to go to Luz corner for a work and thought of this place when I crossed the Mylapore Post Office. I have visited this place a couple of times but for the sake of review on my site http://www.epomesoruthan.com, I haven’t explored it fully. Informed home that I would be having light snacks outside and that dinner would be skipped. The usual velila romba sapudra, odambu Ena aga pogutho moments happened and finally I was here.

The street is called as Arundale Street. You could easily miss the mess’ entrance. It’s next to Ramu Electricals. The place that has been serving us idlis, Vadas, Pongals, rava dosas for the past 80 years, meaning they started even before India could get Independence! Many stalwarts from Kollywood have been regulars to this place like Sreekanth (not Nanban guy, Nagesh’s Ethir Neechal guy), Director Vasanth, Cho Ramaswamy, Santhanam, etc.

This is how it looks in the inside. At the far end you have the grinder that gives the idly, dosa and vada batter. The wash area is right before the batter area. That old man is trying to enter the dining area and get a seat.

The batter area that’s been serving for about 80 years.

The hotel can accommodate 16 people at once. It has 4 small tables each with 4 stools. 4 people serve the crowd and 1 man takes care of the kitchen.

The kitchen that has the main guy and his assistant doing the chores to serve the people eagerly waiting outside. This is where the heavenly idlis, rava dosas are churned out.

This is the full menu. They only work in the mornings (on all days) and evenings (Monday through Saturday, sorry not on Sunday)! The timings are 7 am to 10 am and 3 pm to 6 pm, sometimes 6.30 pm depending on the crowd. The menu is fixed.

1. Gulab Jamun – INR 15/-

The evenings usually start with the sweet, synonymous with the Nalla vishyam panrapo sweet Oda aramikanum. To my remembrance, this is the only place where gulab jamun is served under 20 rupees. The look of it gets you droolishy and for the price it is Dope! Just lit AF. I gulped it in a single go and waited for the next item.

2. Potato Bonda – INR 30/-

I didn’t want to have the Mysore Bonda as it is maavu-ishy and so I went with the one that has Aloo masala inside. They serve 2 chutneys and sambhar on request.

The coconut chutney made a great combo with the Bonda and you can also have 1 if you don’t want to have 2. I didn’t like the other chutney (I think it’s ginger and something else mixed), so I skipped it. The sambhar had less salt but it was ok. If you get this parceled, you get the ghetti chutney and that is awesome. I liked it when I had this previously.

3. Rava Dosa Plain – INR 25/-

I’m having rava dosa for the 1st time and it was crispier. I used to hate it for the past 20 years and I didn’t have it even once at home. I wanted to try this as I already had adai previously, and I want the onion version. So went ahead with the plain version and this with the sambhar and chutney tasted great. By the time I finished this dosa, I was full and just had water though they asked for coffee.

The bill was INR 70/- and I was brimful. That was a great experience. Hope you guys would try it when you cross Kutchery road next time and do comment your experience below. They don’t have a billing system and they just ask for what you have, calculate the amount and tell you! That’s it.

Thank you so much. Let’s meet again in another blog.

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