Babai Hotel, Vijayawada

This is the entrance to the famous Babai Hotel of Gandhi Nagar, Vijayawada. Established in 1942, this was started by the man, Patruni Samba Murti. By the locals he was called as “Babai” and hence the name. It became a salutation thereafter. The idly was so famous that big hotels had ‘Babai hotel idly’ in their menu.

Their menu and motto are simple. They need to supply quality Idly, Upma, Dosai and Pongal to their customers so that they continue to expand their clientale. The menu has been the same for a long time and they have maintained the taste too.

When I was googling on Vijayawada, this hotel had many big names attached to it. I was shocked to see such a following to this hotel’s idlis and dosas. You wouldn’t believe me if I say Shri. NTR himself served idlis to Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee during the 1988 Mahanaadu at Vijayawada. See the picture below.

The other famous names who were regulars to this hotel even though it was small and can accommodate about 20-25 people at a time were Savitri, ANR, Chandra Mohan, etc. Indeed Babai idlies were their heaven. I am astonished by the dedication the man has given to bring the hotel to this level and that his successors are taking it up till date.

That’s the entire hotel captured by my phone. Anytime of the day it’s full. If you want to finish your breakfast or dinner within 200, this is the place you need to head over to.

I ordered Idly and my colleague ordered Podi Dosai.

Idly – INR 35/-

The idly had creamy ghee spread over like the cheese in Masala fries. The ghee is prepared by them with the milk from the cows owned by the family. I understood the meaning of கெட்டி chutney here and it tasted heavenly. They don’t serve sambhar but I feel you wouldn’t mind it’s absence. The Podi was so good that you can literally eat a plateful alone. The idlis were soft and along with the chutneys it was bliss. Totally loved it and came out happily. Extra chutney is given on request. Please find the serving of one of the items here –

This is the kitchen from where the idlis and the dosas are churned out. There is a brilliant co ordination among the workers. You don’t get to wait more than 10 minutes for your order. They get it done ASAP. When the hotel has such celebs as it’s customers, they still run on the same place within the same walls even after renovation. I m floored by their service. Hope you guys would try this hotel on your next visit to Vijayawada.

The green board behind the man explains why people are good around you and that people like them are being loved. This is a great gesture by the owners and it will even take them to greater heights.

Thank you so much. Let’s meet again in another blog.

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