Fu Silli Reasons, Gopalapuram

It was another Sunday. The weather was great! After some homeworks, I finally told my mom that I am going out for dinner (single-ly)! I wanted to try this place for a long time for it’s beetroot mayo people have been raving about. It was so near to me and thus I was there to try it.

It is located at Sadasivam street opposite to National Public School, Gopalapuram. It can very well accommodate 20-30 people at once and their menu is fixed. Anytime of the day you can have it (when they are open)!

It’s displayed outside the kitchen glass and they even handover one card to us to choose the menu. I find the fixed menu good to an extent and easy to choose.

Took a four seater as usual to annoy the groups who might find the place perfect to sit.

That’s the kitchen where they create awesome dishes that come to your table.

1. Mix Pasta – INR 123.81/-

It’s synonymous with the name. It’s a mix of red and white pasta and it was so good. I was having pasta after a long time and it felt so great like the moment you get to smell the Maggi noodles after coming from school. With both the seasonings it was fabulous and cheesy. Totally liked it but could have been priced less. The presentation was great. The waiting time was minimal, like totally minimal. There was barely 6-8 people and hence quciker than the usual (I feel)!

2. Assorted Garlic Bread – INR 76.19/-

WOW! It was not just greatly presented, but tasted good too. 3 garlic breads with beetroot mayo, mint corn mayo and cheese topped with some seasoning and served! Pricey but this is a must try rather than having the same top in all 3 pieces. It was different and the bread was not hard. Softer than the usual Pizza Hut one.

3. Mac & Cheese – INR 123.81/-

Macaroni pasta with cheese, cheese sauce, cheese and some broccoli pieces. This is also called as the macaroni pie. For the quantity offered this was pricey and I was so full with mix pasta and the garlic breads. I left some and asked for the bill. The macaroni pasta was totally cheesed head to toe and neatly packaged among the broccoli bits. You excavate the package only to get cheesed and cheesed.

Total bill was around INR 340/- inclusive of GST and I feel this place is greatly cheap than the other Italian outlets. 2/3 people can comfortably eat within 800 for sure. Hope you guys would try this place – either Kilpauk or Gopalapuram and let me know your thoughts. I have some more pictures to get you drooling. Do follow my Instagram linked below.

Thank you so much. Let’s meet again in another blog.

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  1. Dude!!! Why did you miss their iced tea!! It tastes heaven

    1. MS says:

      I don’t like iced tea 😑

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