Sri Ramayya Mess and Caterers, Vijayawada

When I decided to Google about the famous hotels of Vijayawada, the results were good and lot of recommendations came to this hotel – Sri Ramayya Mess on governorpet. There were great stories of this hotel being the only vegetarian Andhra meals option in the place. Nevertheless namakku soru nale pothume moment and I marked it in my google maps.

I didn’t know Telugu for sure and I asked the people outside where was this mess standing near the entrance. This is it, they showed the entry point. It’s all token system and we had INR 100/- meals. They even have a 150 and a 200 one. Some extras on top of the 100 ones and Air conditioning are the extra benefits offered in 150 and 200 ones. Everything is almost unlimited and I think 100 one is the best of all.

That’s the token and the bill you should get at the entrance and go find a seat at the 100 hall and give the token to the server.

Peak hour or non peak hour, the crowd is huge. They keep pouring in large number and specifically the sales representatives are huge. Their phones keep ringing and they eat while they talk. This is a bad habit and please do not practice it.

This is kinda new for a hotel of this scale and I feel they are concerned about the wastage of food. They want the customer to know it and kudos team for this. Great work. Nice gesture.

The place where we were actually seated. On the opposite side you have the wash area with a towel. We waited for like 10 minutes to get a seat and they workers started to clean the table and as soon as it was done, we got our plates. They work swifter than the swiggy delivery guys.

Yes! You got it right! Andhra meals for a tamilian is the Podi rice with ghee. It was such a blissful experience. It’s unlimited! They pour about 2-3 spoons of ghee and are committed to increase your fat score by a huge margin. You have no option but to enjoy it.

I did enjoy to the fullest inspite of the sweat and the tension I was in, but that’s what food does to you. It’s an instant mood changer.

Though it seems little, it was the exact amount you would get in a meals in any other hotel. This was fabulous.

I don’t know what this is but it was a great side dish to any rice I took and even for the pappad.

Carrot is good for your eyes and make sure you have it every other day and it will definitely keep you and your eyes cool. This tasted good too.

It was kovakkai totally fried and served. OMG! This was the first time I am having kovakkai like this and it completely floored me. I asked for about 4/5 times and enjoyed it to the core. By the way I just learned that kovakkai is coccinia or ivy guard in English.

The rice was the same as we have in Tamil Nadu and it was good. No big explanation needed. I had sambhar, rasam and curd all with the avakkai oorgai that was present next to the Podi bottle, though I had pappad and kovakkai.

I totally feel you getting images of K. Bhagyaraj comedy with the drumstick. This was good too.

This is the pappad. Slightly over fried but I cared less because I didn’t feel like complaining about this.

Finally curd! With all the above items totally filling each and every cell of my tummy, it was time to cool them all with this rice so that the entire lunch episode get a fitting finale. Thoroughly enjoyed the meal and I was so happy to have tried an Andhra meals at a vegetarian hotel in Andhra Pradesh. I am sure you would try it when you go to Vijayawada and I shall see you once again with another post that maybe Chennai or Vijayawada (:P)!

Thank you. See you again.

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