Good Morning Tea and Fast Food, Vijayawada

This is another chain of restaurants that’s widespread in Vijayawada, which I found through the Google search. The name says it all. Come let’s join for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have fun! This is located in Museum Road.

I had breakfast for 2 days here and it was great. Vegetarian and helathy, this is a complete self-service outlet that keeps pulling in crowd because of the quality and the rate.

That’s how they arrange items so that you can drool over and eat a lot. Can you stop with just one ? No right! You feel like going back to it again.

Control your lust for vada and bonda (they call it bajji here). These people eat bajji for breakfast. We would only have it during rains, that too with Coffee and Ilayaraja not alone. They eat it everytime of the day. Meh! See the 3 chutneys, that’s a constant in any restaurant in Vijayawada. For idly that give extra Podi.

1. Pongal – INR 40/-

You don’t have another word for this than referring it as sleeping pill. Laced with fresh ghee and sprinkled with cashew, this is definitely the best food, any given time of the day. The quantity was perfect for the price and I didn’t mind it didn’t have the extra chutneys. I had it with Sambhar and coconut chutney. Highy recommended. Must eat, no trying and all.

2. Upma – INR 25/-

It was rava upma. I don’t know the difference between a rava upma and a rava kichadi. This was great with a lot of onions and tomatoes sprinkled with some Curry leaves. This tasted dope with the Andhra kaara chutney. Leaving aside the Sambhar and the coconut chutney, I had this with kaara chutney and it was worth it. For the price and the kaara chutney, you can definitely have it no matter what. Another must try here.

On both the days, my colleague had different items but we forgot to add vada to this list. Namaku vaayla than Vada suda theriyume, apram atha ethuku urutikitu nu thingala. May be the next time we have to go for lunch and dinner and try that too.

See the picture of idly and get droolo-gastronom-ed.

Like the churneys that hug each other tightly, we as humans must be together and helpful. Sonna enga keka poringa. Etho solanum nu thonichu. Avlo than.

3. Coffee – INR 15/-

Coffeeholics is not enough to describe me and my colleague too was a coffee-ite. It was more the size offered in our hotels here in Tamil Nadu and the rate was totally filling. The aroma travels throughout your body like the saridon tablet advisement and gets you totally coffee-ed. No more words, I think this is enough.

This is the complete menu of the hotel. I shall add more if I get to search pictures from my phone. It’s all hidden for security purposes.

This is the total self-service space in the hotel. You have to quickly pay the bill on the left side and get your dishes from the servers and grab a table to keep the plate. Enjoy your item and come back happy. Please find the bills attached below.

Hope you guys would try this place when you go to Vijayawada! Thank you so much. Let’s meet again in another blog.

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