Ganesh Mess, Mylapore

The last 2 weeks of August were damn good. I had to eat outside for 5 nights because of the invites and new hotel-must-try epsiodes. One such was this mess that’s minutes away from the famous Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College, Mylapore, the place where a lot of resolute stalwarts of Chennai did their U. G viz., Mani Ratnam, Unni Krishnan, Srinivasa Venkatraghavan, Laxman Sivaramakrishnan, Murali Vijay, etc. It’s good to know when they are the alumni and they are the face of the college. Another Facebook friend (paiyan thanga, don’t jump into conclusions) who is a regular to this place suggested to come here and we started the dinner with a lot of mindless conversations pulling in all the characters we knew for the past 3/4 years. Istathuku pesurom elarayum.

This is how the entrance is. It’s a self service mess. It’s targeted mainly for the working youth in the surrounding areas and the college students. The big guy on the left is the dosa master. He gets your dosas ready within a swish and it was Dope!

This is him rehearsing for the dosas that are to be made. I asked him for one more time to get this picture right and he did it again.

They have a standard menu but it’s a huge list. You can choose among the ones till it’s available. Since the food is good, it gets over sooner than expected.

Also note that Masala Dosa for breakfast has the masala that you get with Poori. For dinner it’s either Channa Masala Dosa or Mushroom Masala Dosa only. See their lunch menu too.

Don’t you feel they are the Xiaomi of Mess’ and not the blood sucking Apple. The rates hit you hard ain’t it.

1. Idly – INR 20/-

Each idly costs INR 10/- and no mess sells idly at this rate. My 1st blog on hotel Chaitra too has increased the price to INR 12.5/- citing GST and increase in raw materials. This place has it at 10 and it was fabulous. You can have Chutneys (3 varieties – Tomato, Mint and Coconut) and Sambhar umpteen number of times. They have kept it open for the people.

The other bucket houses the kurma that comes as a side for Chapati and Parotta.

2. Parotta – INR 20/-

Don’t you think I m kidding. Just scroll above and visit the price list again. Yes it’s 10 per Parotta. We had one Parotta each and the size was bigger than expected. The Parotta went well with their chutneys too. Kurma was asusual but good.

3. Onion Ragi Dosa – INR 35/-

Though the order was given before we started to have Idly, the master asked if we could wait until we complete and that he could prepare afresh and hot. We like the deal and said ok. He completed the other orders meanwhile and halfway through our Parotta, he took the batter and started making it thus, it was ready and hot. Once we finished the Parotta, we got one each. Oh I forgot to tell you that this is prepared along the lines of Set Dosa. This is thicker than the normal dosa and it comes as a set. If you have 2 ragi dosas, you are definitely full and won’t check another item on the menu, I bet. The onions were nicely cut and the dosa along with the chutneys made the best pair.

4. Channa Masala Dosa – INR 40/-

I was still not full and I found the Channa Masala so tempting that I wanted to try it out. I never fancied mushroom masala and so went ahead for this dosa. The master made a perfect one by two and gave it to us.

This was the tempestuous masala I have ever seen or my pixel has ever captured. The Samosa Channa is still costlier than this dosa in my area. See how they fool people with food. This was great. Filling and unrivalled.

Every item I tried here was great. I have videos coming soon (editing it. Sorry!). Do watch it too and show your support by subscribing the channel.

This is a must try for all people. You will be perplexed to see the rate being inversely proportional to the quality offered. Whilst some hotels do nothing to satisfy the customer, this mess does strike a balance perfectly with your heart. I m sure the word of mouth marketing would help this place reach greater heights. Please do.

The bills are attached for proof and see below the team behind all these great food.

Big shout out to them for giving such amazing food at this price and yet maintaining the quality. Do let me know once you try it out!

Thank you and see you again in Vijayawada diaries.

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