Suresh Catering, Chengalpattu

Hey people! Nice to see you again in this series, another catering service! This was at the reception of one of my Facebook friends (ithu varaikum potadhu la elame athan :P) and it was at chromepet! I had to change time zones and was experiencing bus lag too! Uff! It was so far from the place of my living and working yet when it’s for a friend and food, you have to go no matter what!

I went too early to the venue that only the Bride and the Groom’s close circle were there. Took a seat at the last row and waited if I can see any known face from the guests that were incoming. Finally after some 30-40 minutes, I saw one more friend (male, single too) and we began to chat until the we went to dinner. Let’s first get the happy couple into the blog. It’s all for them (sorry I ain’t a good photographer)!

After finishing the Moi episode (I m so sure of this when it comes to receptions) we made our way to the dining hall.

That’s the big picture. Barring the Payasam and curd rice, every item is visible. This blog is going to expul these items and make you drool with some close-ups!

Started off with the Gulab Jamun and I would rightly accept the Dairy Milk dialogue nala vishyam seirathuku munadi sweet sapdanum. It was too good. I made it a point to see that barring paneer and biryani for extra rounds, I should not eat any other item extra so that my tummy gets loaded with all the dishes of the night.

Another childhood favourite dish I will never ever miss out whenever offered. It was perfectly fried and I even asked for 2 more rounds. The server served it with a broad smile on his face and it spokes volumes about how they want the guests to enjoy the dinner.

புதினா or mint rice was unexpected and it was great too! This is one of those rarest moments where you get mint rice instead of tiger rice.

Vegetable brinji is the usual item of the menu and with some recommendation from my friend, the server stuffed in extra bread fries ok my banana leaf. They are the example of gods. I am so indebted to people like them. This was great too. I had the chips and the appalam to eat this apart from the raitha.

This had the potato fry and the combo is one of the bestest. I loved it! With the Gobi Manchurian alongside, this made my taste buds get high!

Finally the chapathi and paneer butter masala. Initially offer one chapathi, I asked for one more and the sever gave it too. Enjoyed them with subsequent rounds of Paneer. Had paneer butter masala with brinji, mint rice, chips, appalam and gobi Manchurian. It was a big dip.

Payasam was fabulous and I thought of asking one more round. I found my tummy trying hard to tuck itself inside the Jean and I gave up! Skipped the curd rice – vatha kuzhambu and got off to the wash room. After enquiring about the caterer, I came dow stairs, thanked the couple and began my return journey.

Lots of talking about various matters with my friend and he droppedy near the Chrompet station. I bade goodbye to him and crossed the road!

Hope you guys will use the details of the caterer to enquire for the events of your house and let me know if you get to try it.

Thank you so much. Let’s meet again in another blog.

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