The Residency Towers, T. Nagar

It was my college mate’s engagement and it was at The Residency Towers, T. Nagar. He is the first one in our gang to get engaged, I mean literally we felt like namale kolanthai ah than irukom, ivan Ena da engagement lam koopduran moment. See the faces below for the couple of the moment and us clicking selfies.

It was a total grand gala blast of all the ones that came to the event and our class gang AIHT Mech A 2010 – 2014 batch! Ishtathuku elarayum kalaikurom, evan kidachalum vidala. We are meeting after years and it was great fun to have reunion at such an event. After we got settled in, they served Masala Vadai, some Kebab and Gobi Manchurian and we were like aww-ed! He even had chutney for the vadai and that’s the point to be noted!

That was the first time I saw such a thing happening for an engagement. After the event got over, we were still chilling and finally took a picture with the couple and we made our way to the dinner hall. Naama than ethunalum thinbome, athan ithulaye Oru 4/5 ulla thallitom.

1. Roti & Kulcha

Usually it was always either roti or Kulcha during dinners and here I was given the option to eat both! Took 2 in each and filled my plate. Skipped the soup as it was the usual template-ish way to start the dinner. Direct ah main course poyachu daww. The Kulcha was at it’s best and the roti was okayish. I like the Kulcha more!

2. Paneer Lababdar

You feel like diving into it directly and immersing yourself totally to get paneer-ed right! With 2 rotis and 2 kulchas I thought more than you! I even ate some papad with it. Before seeing the name, didn’t know there existed a word called Lababdar. It means complete surrender to the dish. This is the first time I am tasting a Lababdar too! Since ice cream and sweets don’t gel well with paneer I had to skip it! The paneer was soft and the best part of buffet is that evanume kelvi keka maatan, athane namaku venum. Must try!

3. Subz MaKhanwala

I read somewhere that Subz is a short form for Sabzi! Meh! Seruppala adipen rascals, Ena da ithelam Oru short form ah da. Apo Pay TM na Pay to Modi oda acronym ah (btw athan unmai)! Lots of vegetables and spices that are melange mixed and made into a healthy accompaniment to the biryanis and rotis. This tasted great too!

4. Aloo Simla Mirchi

Oh my God! This was as ultimate-ish as the Paneer Lababdar! I loved both equally and I had subsequent rounds of these dishes whenever some items gets emptied on my plate! Though some people gave a bizzare look as Ena da 10 naal thingaatha Maari thinguraan, I didn’t mind! It’s Food! Another must try.

5. Veg Pulao

Mildly spicy and good taste with some vegetables sprinkled here and there made this a good item! I had this with aloo Simla Mirchi, paneer Lababdar and even the Subz MaKhanwala. All the three were good for the Pulao.

6. Schezwan Noodles

Our experiments with noodles were the Maggi INR 10/- packets with kissan tomato ketchup! This did not have any side dish and as usual I had this with all the aforesaid dishes. Wow! This combo does wonders and I request you to try it once too and let me know! The noodles had its authentic spicy taste too it! Good one.

I collaged this picture to show the other items in the menu. Dutch potato salad, Mexican corn and pineapple, Pasta with multi pepper and fresh fruit chaat. I loved the Dutch salad minus the pineapple! Even the corn with the Mexican taste minus the pineapple and the pasta was great!

7. Malai Sandwich

This sweet was Dope! Just try this wherever you get and tag me in that post. Great item to end the dinner! Oh! I forgot to take pictures of the cake that I ate! My bad! I think I need to concentrate more!

Thank you for coming this far with me and I hope to continue the journey with you guys in my next blog! Have an interesting line up and I will post it soon.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anand says:

    Perfect 😎

    Actually even the soup was near perfect. The temptations that it created made me crave for more. But I could drink just 2 bowls.

    Nevertheless, the others were also mind-boggling.

    Dal was bad. I felt that was very bad. And that pasta was also not very good

    Legit review 👌🏾😎

    1. MS says:

      Dal I didn’t even taste so skipped!

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