Modern Cafe Veg Restaurant, Vijayawada

It’s another official trip for me and it’s Andhra Pradesh again. The city was earlier known as Bezawada and the station code was BZA (Indian Railways)! Now the name has been changed to Vijayawada but the code remains the same. With some extensive googling, I found some hotels and this is one of it.

Every link had this hotel and it was one of the very few for the vegetarians. I tried this and here I am for this blog.

1. Idly Vada – INR 50/-

Just look at this for 5 minutes. This is the gateway to heaven. Their famous red kaara chutney was exactly the Vera level kaaram I have never had before. The server literally filled the chutney and the Sambhar cups everytime it was over. He is God! Hand down such people deserve better places. Must try here.

2. Poori – INR 38.20/-

Totally filled the frame with Poori – Masala. This was another dope from this place. Even though the hotel has limited menu like Dosa, Idly, upma, etc. People throng in huge numbers to this place and have their breakfast and dinner without fail. Poori was nostalgic nalla buss buss nu and I would definitely try it here for sure if I come again.

Thia is how the hotel looks. Simple and elegant.

3. Single Idly Sambhar – INR 14.50/-

I was single and so was the idly. The same server denied the chutneys and I think he is a Thirumalai Vijay fan being synonymous to the phrase vaazhkai Oru vattam da .. Inga jeikuravan thoppan, thokuravan jeipan! The price is ok but no chutneys is what hurting me the most.

4. Coffee – INR 19/-

How can you just complete your day without a coffee! I cannot even think of any such day! I would suggest you can drink coffee at any given time if the day and it’s such a stress reliever. The price here is a bit on the higher side but yet I had it to start my day!

Find the bills attached here and do wait for my next blogs with the foods of Vijayawada.

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Oops I absolutely forgot to post their menu! Please find it here.

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