Sri Ganapathy Catering, Adyar

As I have referred earlier, it’s raining invitations post July and here I am with another catering service that did to one of my friend’s brother’s wedding! I usually attend all the receptions just for their menu and it’s easier to show some love to the couple, pose for a selfie, have some mind-blowing conversations with your friends and get back home with loads and loads of memories. Moi mukiyam than ilanu solala, aana elarum Moi vekanum .. apo than antha eventuke perumai (:p)!

Let’s start with the big picture. This was my banana leaf 2 minutes after they started to serve. I was at extreme guilt as there were empty spaces for about say 40% of the leaf! I started to eat one by one and found it to be filling and then had to stop every server and ask the dish and if I needed it, it was filled in my leaf.

The Gulab Jamun was dope-ily great. I had 2 of those and still wanted more but my conscience restricted to just 2. It was so round that resembled the ping-pong ball of table tennis. Perfectly soaked into the jeera and it slid down my throat like the drop of maaza (or slice) did to Katrina Kaif in that ad. I would quote DK’s Vera level mama nee here!

That’s the crowd for the dinner. I was lucky to be sitting opposite them (:P)! Whoever sat across me, I didn’t mind them but was happy with my Paneer, Jamun and spring roll. The spring roll was another crowd puller of the day! I ate 2 more and every server there knew that I m going to ask more if not served 2 during the 1st serve. The Paneer Butter Masala guy dived into the bucket to serve me a karandi full of Paneers. He even stood 2 chairs away from me so that I shall call him whenever needed. Great work man!

Bissi Bela Bath was good and it completely caught me along with the ottaiya irukura chips Maari porichithu, sorry per therila. I skipped the curd rice as I had to drink the payasam too! The Kulcha – Paneer Butter Masala combo does wonders and I didn’t restrict myself from eating it heavily. As usual, the excess PBM went in with the spring roll, vazhaikai, veg biryani/brinji, etc.

That’s my bae getting pixeled. Overall it was a great dinner and I was surprised to see no placards or banners of the catering service in the dinner hall. Usually people market more but here it was none. When I met the supervisor for the card, he gave his contact and I asked him about the banners. He said, if some order is bound to come to you, god shall make it happen! Some positive vibes roaming around him and I told him how good the food was! He was so happy and gave his contact number – Sri Ganapathy catering, Adyar – Ganapathy Iyer – 9884359535

After a brief photograph session, we took a group selfie and finally bade goodbye to each other.

That’s us!

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