Sangeetha Veg, Thoraipakkam

This is the 3rd installment of the Sangeetha Franchise I am reviewing. I had the opportunity to visit this place after one of the Technical Inspectors had come to meet our company and I had the task of accompanying him until he made his way back to the hotel.

Located rightly opposite to the 747 Themed Restaurant and Barbeque Nation OMR, this is easily noticeable from the main road. Be careful as you would easily miss the service road leading to this hotel. I already had rice in the morning and I had to opt for Tiffin here, I was lucky they had everything. My DGM opted for full meals and I had tiffin. To my surprise the service was quicker than expected. There were people who asked us the number of seats and quickly allotted one table to us. Great ambience that need a mention. Highly appreciated.

1. Sambhar Vadai – INR 33.33/-

You can see that they are teaching us decimals here and have also kept the price so that after 5% GST it becomes a rounded value. Nee edukura 5/10 pichaiku ithu thevaya moment is what came to my mind after seeing the bill. One piece of Sambhar vadai, I ordered and it was good! Fresh onions and well made sambhar makes you relish the item but I think it’s overpriced. You don’t even think of having 2 Sambhar Vadais because of this.

2. Podi Masala Dosai – INR 104.76/-

Good in size and great in taste, this was totally filling. The Podi and the Masala did make a good combo and I was happy to have had it after a long time. The 3 chutneys representing the National Flag (:P) were great and the waiter served extra when asked. Somehow these hotels manage to get their sambhar droolishy and make us forget the things happening around us. Highly overpriced but can make a one time try!

As a bonus, my DGM offered me his ice-cream fruit salad, that came with the Tamil Nadu Meals and I had that too.

The bill came to around INR 345/- and you can see the rate of meals is too damn high. I would recommend you to happily go to any other place than spending your money here (:P). Let me know your worst experience at a hotel in the comments below.

Thank you and see you again in a different place with a different dish (:P).

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