Amar Fast Food Restaurant, T. Nagar

It was a Sunday evening. I had planned to visit this place with a friend for a meet that we have been planning for 3 weeks. It was around 7 PM and it seemed his commitment wouldn’t end and he felt bad and apologised. I, on the other hand had told my mom that I shall be out for dinner and wouldn’t have it at home, couldn’t disclose this information to her and I have started to the place. Epdi ellam solla vendi iruku moment.

This place is on G. N. Chetty road (autocorrect takes it as Cherry :P), T. Nagar and right below the Absolute Barbeque, a place I tried in 2016 whilst working at Studio 31!

The crowd went berserk to the try the place. It was so unfortunate that a single like me was denied seat for about 30 minutes. Ithuku kuda oru doli ilaye nu ninaika vecha moment. Every table was filled with a Hindi-an and I was shocked to the number kept rising as the people started to pour in large amounts. Engendu Da varenga neenga laam moment. Make sure you go well in advance and get a seat.

The restaurant is marketed as the famous chain from Mumbai and it has finally come to Chennai. Their USP is the Pav Bhaji and it’s different types. I wanted to try it for sure and see what’s else is filled in the 10 odd page menu. It has a mix of chat items from Mumbai, sandwiches and south indian tiffin too. Let’s see how it went! They serve துளசி தண்ணி as it’s good for our health and helps clean all the negatives.

1. Idly Fry – INR 60/-

You have pieces of idly nicely cut into the shapes of beach la vikura manga and deeply fried so that it would turn into a bajji-bonda kinda fry. This was actually I would say, Idly Manchurian. The difference is that you had sauce to touch it than Sambhar or chutney. It had about 10-12 pieces but the price is a bit on the higher side.

2. Pav Bhaji – INR 100/-

Oh my god! Just see it! Stare at it for 10 minutes. 10 more minutes please. See the amount of bhaji that’s been offered. You are pretty sure that’s it’s way too much for the 2 Pavs offered yet you don’t want to share it or give it back! You want it to have it all by yourself atleast with the remaining onions and lemon juice (left in the small piece)! The butter that’s floating, balancing itself to the buoyant force of the bhaji was damn good! I ordered another single pav costing INR 15/- and still I had the bhaji left. Though the price is higher, I m sure this would definitely be a one-time experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. Try it for sure.

After having all these by myself, I still had some part of my tummy empty and saw the menu to fill it up. Then came the finisher here.

3. Tawa Pulav – INR 135/-

This is made in a large griddle. The Pulav is just the rice mixed with vegetables and pav bhaji masala that adds a flavour to it. I was happy to see the quantity well enought to satisfy two people but you guys know me! I had it all by myself ( Lots of vegetables like carrot, green peas, tomato, capsicum, onions with some cashews and ofcourse the elaichi. The rice was at its best. You can count it and it was that biryani-ish. Tasted great and this was served with raitha and a papad and they were damn good. I even asked for extra raitha but the waiting time made me eat the Pulav without it. They find it tough to manage the crowd.

Must try but please share it and don’t be like me. It was a great evening and I was full completely! Not able to move an inch, I made my journey back home. The price shall be still reduced and the standards can be maintained. Hope they consider!

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Let’s catch up again in the next blog. Stay tuned until then.




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