Triplicane Ratna Cafe, Mylapore

The ever famous dialogue from Server Sundaram (Nagesh film) comes to my mind whenever someone yells for Sambhar in Ratna Cafe! He would ask for 2 plates of Sambhar (I think I am right) for the idlis and it was good to see someone having Sambhar exclusively.

This particular outlet was famous in Triplicane and it is said that people who visit Parthasarathy would definitely go to this place atleast for a Coffee and then start their journey back home! It was originally Ratna Cafe (since 1948) and was rebranded recently after being expanded to various parts of the city.

Started by Mr. Jaggilal Gupta, who hailed from Mathura, he popularised the most consumed breakfast Idli-Sambhar and it became a rage. I did not try their signature dish but went on a different route.

It’s about a year since they opened in Mylapore near the Vasantha Bhavan on South Mada Street. I have tried twice earlier but wasn’t impressed much by their dishes! Tried their Triplicane outlet and I think it was better.

1. Kuzhi Paniyaram – INR 40/-

Volcanic hot paniyarams (3 nos.) served with 2 chutneys and Sambhar. I had to wait for 5 whole minutes to get 1 Paniyaram to my tummy. It was that hot. The chutneys and the Sambhar were individually dope and along with the Paniyaram it was fantastic. Must try when you visit the place.

2. Chola Poori – INR 90/-

Wait! Wait a second! Don’t get aww-ed by the size of the poori. The diameter may be big, but the other things were not up to the mark. The Bhatura/Channa did not have the taste of the original how-to-make-channa batura. It looked as if the chef had forgotten the ingredients other than the Channa and did with the available resource to finish the project. Don’t get me wrong but this was the worst channa I have ever had. I was so excited with the diameter of the poori but literally felt like Kattappa killing Baahubali when I had the poori with the Channa. Highly overpriced and not recommended at all! Have it at your own risk.

Since I didn’t have any tomato chutney of the Paniyaram left, I had to ask for another cup of channa and I ate the remaining poori all by myself. For 90/- just see the amount of channa that’s been provided! Aathirangal varuthu makkale moment thrown over while consumption.

Their USP is just the Idli-Sambhar and they keep telling it over and over. Just try that thing alone and have a filter coffee. Come out soon and get back to your work.

Found some newspaper cut-out that they have framed near the bill counter.

The bill was aound INR 314/- and please find the other items and their rates in the bill.

Hope you shall think and re-think again before trying Triplicane Ratna Cafe. Let me know if you have faced any worse situations as such below. Thank you.

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