RSB Wedding Caterers, Adambakkam

2018 is raining engagements and weddings and I have been invited to a number of events. It turns out to be ivangaluku moi kudukave thaniya velaiku poganum polaye moment. Jokes apart, the best thing about Wedding and Reception is the Lunch & the Dinner menu, because namakku soru thane mukiyam. Hence the site is named Let’s see how this reception menu go about.

I was from the Bride’s side and after the usual standing-in-line for the Moi cover event, started out to the dinner hall. The bride was sure about having the blog done as she is supporter of my blog and it’s been quite some time I have written about a catering service. The Reception took place on Madipakkam which is on the other side of Chennai and we have to change time zones (:P)! Luckily it was connected with Velachery and I got there through MRT and Ola.

This is the complete menu ranging from onion raitha to Paneer butter Masala. Payasam was served too. I can proudly say I completed it fully without wasting anything (solli veipom). I asked for 2/3 rounds of Kulcha, PBM, Vegetable Brinji, Cutlet, Chips, etc. until I felt completely full.

The PBM was extra spicy but still it managed to get to my tummy along with Brinji and Kulcha. I even had potato chips to push the extra paneer cubes. I found the uthappam goes well with PBM and guys please try this combo in the next reception you go and let me know how it is. I know for sure that our moms won’t cook PBM for dosai or uthappam, so we get to try combos like these only in Receptions. Save it in your head and check this out.

Every reception these days tries to fit in a wholesome and heavy dinner with Payasam, PBM, Kulcha/Roti/Chapati, Sweet, Pickle, Vegetable Biryani/Pulav, Bissi Bela Bath, Rasam, Curd rice, Uthappam/Dosai, Chutney/Sambhar, Cutlet/Gobi Manchurian (sometimes both) and Potato fry with cabbage/beans. Probably limiting the options could help them save more.

The Bissi Bela Bath and potato fry were the best. It still remains my most favourite combo. No item in this menu was complainable and I totally enjoyed it. Everyone served with a smile and the caterer had 2-3 people stand in each row to check who needs what. These guys are the best! They were high on energy and made sure we got everything on time. Kudos to the team.

Ended the dinner with 2 cups of Payasam and it was Dope! Neglected the ice cream-fruit salad because I had to catch the train back to my house. Wished the bride and bade goodbye to her. Got the thengai-vethlapakku Pai (without fail) and reached home safe. I suppose the charges would have been nominal and make sure to enquire in case of functions in your house. I must thank the bride for inviting me to the event and of course the sumptuous dinner. Hope you all like it and I shall see your again in the next post, which would either be Amar fast food (T Nagar) or Triplicane Ratna Cafe (Mylapore).

Thank you for the support and post your thoughts below.

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