Mami Tiffen Stall, Mylapore

This particular place that is close to the Kabali Koil in Mylapore is one of the famous must-eats both for the locals and the visitors. It was started by Vasantha Mami (as she was popularly referred and that’s how the outlet got it’s name) in 1960’s, it’s still operates from the Pitchu Pillai street, Mylapore. It first served in the evenings from 5 PM to 9.30 PM and then gradually began to come to lunch and then breakfast! They owe their credits to the customers for having given the word of the mouth marketing antha mami Oru mess mari vechirkanga la, anga nalla iruku. Try panu! When a new dish the customer asks gets a good response, that was eventually added to the menu and they have reached this big.

They have now added an A/C service hall to it’s side apart from the earlier self-service hall. People throng to both these places and stand in line to get their hands on their favorite item.

That stand to the left the blue shirt-jean guy (see the picture above) is the Sambhar-chutney stand. They fill it up every time its gets over and it’s hot!

The man is now turning the adai batter into a well made adai that comes to our plate. I had at this place on two different occasions and shall post both with their respective bills!

1. Adai – INR 60/-

One whole big adai to end your day! I waited for about 10 minutes after giving the bill and it finally got transferred from the adupu to my thattu. They have the avial and வெல்லம் as sides to the adai. The size of the adai shall be more than enough for you to have a complete meal and you shall end it with a glass of hot milk. That’s it, you are done. I asked fr extra avial and the guy filled it in. Thanks man! Vellam is given to detox your body mainly the liver. In some places you also gets Sweet adai wherein they add the jaggery to the adai batter itself and is made in a smaller size. It’s great for children and it’s called as sweet pancakes (:P)! Though the price of INR 60/- seems to be a bit higher, I can recommend it for sure and it’s a must try here. If you like, tase it with Sambhar and chutney and let me know how it is.

That’s another closer look of the adai. The crispiness comes from the ghee they use to make it. Find the bill attached below.

2. Ven Pongal – INR 45/-

வெண் பொங்கல் a.k.a sleep drug, is the main starter of every Chennaite at least 2/3 times a week. There is no South Indian who has not had this item. If at all there exists someone, he/she has wasted their life. Getting the pongal, counting and filtering the peppercorns (மிளகு) that are actually good for common cold and throat infections, taking away the ginger that’s hidden inside and finally having a dip in the Sambhar. That’s an experience you must not miss at all. The countless amounts of chutneys and sambhars go into your tummy when you have pongal coupled with vadai. Pongal Vada, Idly Vada, Single Vada, Dosa Vada are all common South Indian breakfast items and now it has reached the north too. Highly recommended, but hey what about the price. Who cares when you get this experience!

Googled this – Eating in a banana leaf is good to your body as the anti-oxidants from the leaf get added to your food and it goes wonders to your body.

It’s great that some old restaurants still follow this and refuse to stop it.

My colleague had this podi Dosai. It was his first attempt with the hotel. Find the bill attached below.

I hope to go there for Lunch some time. I am sure you guys will try this outlet when you come to visit Kabali and comment your views here. Thank you people.

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Let me know what hotel I should try next.

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