Eating Circles, Alwarpet

With the advent of Where Chennai Eats group in Facebook, it has become difficult for me to keep pace with the new hotels in the city and outside the city. Had my Google maps been a living being, it would have cried asking me to stop adding places and contributing pictures and reviews. What started off initially as a hobby, now has turned into a full free-time profession and I have contributed lot and lots to it. Sundar Pitchai should be grateful for this immense contribution from a single account.

As discussed above, the restaurant Eating Circles has been opened in 2 locations around the city – Alwarpet & Kilpauk and I happened to see a lot of posts in the group regarding it. Alwarpet is the Times Square of Chennai, I saw in a Put Chutney video and I was like yaar Ra sonnathu, enda kanava irunthalum Oru nyayam venama daa moment. The cuisine of Karnataka left me after December 2017 and I wanted to try this hotel badly. After the permission Amma Kita vangitu veliya sapda pora cliché, I set out to this place.

Located on C. P. Ramasamy Road, this place was earlier home to a Pizza Corner. I had pizzas there too during my stay at Alwarpet between 2006 and 2010. It used to be our ey vaada pizza sapda polam destination before moving onto Mylapore post 2010!

The place was great and it had these wall stuck tables made especially for singles out there (:P). A huge shout out to the team for this. The chairs are damn weightless are easy to move about. The tissue papers are in place and the water tumblers are kept ready at all times (see the 2nd pic centre)!

This is the fixed menu and they work on all 7 days! Drop in anytime of the day between 7 am and 11 pm and happily enjoy your cuisine! This specific work on the wall was damn good and I felt it tells you Inga coffee nalla irukum daa, saapdunga.

I had earlier tried Bonda Soup at MTR, Indiranagar (Bengaluru) and it was fabulous. I wasted to try their famous item (as heard from the group) and here they are.

1. Red Rice Butter Dosa – INR 95/-

True to it’s name, the dosa was reddish brown I colour and made of butter. Yes! You read that right. It’s so easy to make out the difference between dosa made with oil and with butter. One other place where I had butter dosa was C. T. R, Malleswaram. Made of red rice batter this was crispier and the size was good enough for 1 person. The chutneys, man both were dope-ily great. I wish they sell their chutneys for 20 bucks. The jaggery Sambhar had the authentic taste and it went well with the dosa. They offer Tamil Nadu style Sambhar on request but that was just okayish to my liking. Extra Chutney and Sambhar are offered in lots on request and I recommend this item highly (once probably), price is a bit on the higher side though.

That was the bill with the token system followed here. Nice work.

2. Thattu Idly – INR 57/-

This is spongiest of all idlies I have ever eaten in my life. They sprinkle the Podi and pour ghee over it (see it on the left end of the picture)! Served with 2 chutneys and their jaggery Sambhar, this was Dope! I asked the Tamil Nadu Sambhar (see picture below) for this but it didn’t quite gel with the idly.

So it’s decided that at Eating Circles, you should only try their style of Sambhar and not your style! The size of the idly was big enough for the price and however slow I ate, I could finish it off in 5 minutes! Eating quick is one of my traits. Must try!

So 15 tokens have been printed within a span of 17 minutes! Great work team! See the picture of the kitchen below.

I should probably go again and try their coffee, Bonda Soup, open masala dosa and Bissibela Bath. See you again Eating Circles. Until then, it’s MS signing off!

Thank you.

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