Joker’s Kitchen, TTK Road, Alwarpet

Weekends are always meant for you! Just you! On one such weekend, I was free in the evening and coincidentally, it was the 10th year anniversary of The Dark Knight, Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece! It had everything that you would need in a comic and more convincingly it had Christian Bale and Heath Ledger playing the protagonist and the antagonist respectively. I wanted to try this new hotel on TTK Road named Joker’s Kitchen!

True to it’s name it was decorated fully with poster and portraits of people who had portrayed the role of a joker.

The decor literally blew me away. These guys are damn good in making you see your food and then the art work. Again food and then art work. Boy, that was totally lit AF.

Heath Ledger won’t fade away from your memory till your death! He has lived his role and even won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor the next year. Unfortunately, he wasn’t alive to pick it making him the 2nd person to be awarded posthumously.

Pocket Friendly Combo was my order as I felt it was worth the price. It costed about INR 299/-. I was enjoying my 15 minute wait before I could get my hands on the fries. The gap was clear and the waiter served as soon as I finished! Kudos to the team.

1. Chilli Lemon Frayay

You have the seasoning(s), heinz tomato sauce, cutlery, water bottle and tissue papers kept ready in your table. Great effort team, I must acknowledge this as we do not have to wait for the waiter to bring in all with the order. This saves a huge amount of time and energy.

The fries were damn good and perfectly fried. With the lemon flavour and chilli seasoning it was great! The quantity was good enough for 2 people but I had it all by myself. I have to mention about the Mayo offered with it. I saved it a bit for the next item to come. It was fabulous and this is my first try of a Mayo with fries. It was great. They call the Mayo their Chef’s secret dip. Outside the combo it costs INR 99/-

2. Tangy Cheese Maggie

Made of tangy sauce and cheese, this was red hot. I allowed it to settle down and slowly started having it. There is not a single household in the country that has not cooked Maggi since it’s existence. We all have had Maggi during our school days, college days and even after getting married! It’s one of the easiest to prepare and easiest to consume. With the Maggi – Lead scandal, I thought it was the end of it. But boy I was wrong. He was back in action and this was okayish. The tangy sauce had a strong flavour and I was finally done with Maggi and fries. I was unexplainable when my mom asked what was my dinner. Had I replied, fries and Maggie, her reply would have been itha thinga than avlo build-up ah. Nan veetlaye panni kuduthirpene, selavu micham la. I escaped! Outside the combo this costs INR 130/-

3. Choco Mug Cake

This was the day stealer. I am having this for the 1st time and it was too good! Hot on the outside and gradually becoming cold on the inside. Must try! Outside the combo this costs INR 99/-.

It’s clear that the combo only worked for me in this restaurant and it was a complete package! I was full! The bill was INR 314/- with GST at 5%. It was good to see their feedback system placed along with the bill and I gave it right away! Do let me know once you try it.

Glad to see the Poppins and I enjoyed every one of it. 90’s kids are literally blessed to have had such an amazing childhood.

Thank you and see you again in the next blog!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Suresh says:

    If possible…. Post Google location link… Easy to navigate

    1. MS says:

      Here you go Joker’s Kitchen
      94/1 #211/1, TT Krishnamachari Rd, Sri Labdhi Colney, Sriram Colony, Alwarpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018
      080560 66027

      Thank you so much for the support ❤️

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