Vrindavan Restaurant, New Woodlands, Mylapore

It was my birthday. At this phase of my life like any other South Indian clichéd guy, it has become why the hell do we celebrate it now. Kazhutha vayasu aachu ipo Ena dash ku birthday lam namaku moment lingered in my ears and it still keeps too (:P)! It has become a mandate that we should go to a restaurant for dinner/lunch with family/friends on that day! It was dinner for us.

Not too far from my house, we went to the what-used-to-be the usual hangout place of singer P. B. Sreenivos everyday for a long time. I saw him more than 4/5 times during my visit to the hotel. He would take the usual table and have the breakfast/lunch/dinner and write lyrics or stories, etc. Before the Semmozhi Poonga came into existence, it was Drive-in Woodlands that was a famous hangout spot for film personalities of all sorts. It was a prestigious moment if you have a car and eat in your car at the drive-in. The scene where Kamal Haasan has tiffin with this friends and Gautami Tadimalla in the film Aboorva Sagotharargal was shot here. Please find an informative picture below.

1. Mysore Masala Dosa – INR 114.29/-

I bet this is the costliest Mysore Masala I have ever had. The quantity/quality of masala was damn good and red chutney sprinkled inside was great and it added the udupi flavour to the Dosai. All the chutneys were fabulous and the Sambhar was totally our style. I asked for extra chutney but the waiter served it with Sambhar too! Great job man! These are the small intricate details I liked in their serving. Enjoy the flavour and this is definitely a must try, at least once.

2. Paneer Tikka – INR 190.48/-

A mandatory starter in any restaurant we go is Paneer tikka or something made of Paneer. It was no different here and we had it. This dish is the trailer for the main course Paneer we would have in the later part of the Dinner. Though some part of the Paneer were carbon black, it was okayish. Along with the mint chutney, this combo looked good. Probably we should try again next time when the restaurant has a minimal crowd. Pricey for the quantity offered.

3. Masala Pappad – INR 47.62/-

Oh My God! I forgot to take a picture of this particular item. This is another mandatory dinner item that’s been with us for more than 15 years. I m so sorry but please imagine yourselves a plate of Masala Pappad with all the tomatoes, onions and lime juice sprinkled over with chat masala. Over priced but tasted good.

4. Mugalai Biryani – INR 152.39/-

This is my 1st try with a Mughalai Biryani and it was great. The cashews were perfectly roasted in ghee and it went well with the food. Vegetables like carrot, beans, onions, green peas, etc were nicely diced and mixed into a masala. We had to mix it with the rice to get it masala-ed. Though this is vegetarian, it was great. Must try if you like biryani’s in vegetarian hotels. Eating biryani with your hands rather than the spoon seemed so fulfilling. It’s the ultimate gateway to paradise.

5. Hyderabadi Baigan – INR 200/-

I totally forgot to mention that we had ordered Butter Naan, Stuffed Kulcha and Plain Roti before the Biryani was ordered. One of the sides to the kulchas and the rotis was this new dish Hyderabadi Baingan – Andhra (oh I m sorry Telangana) styled brinjal masala. Tasted just perfect and I had this for the Biryani too apart from having it for stuffed Kulcha. I couldn’t take pictures of the Roti/Kulcha/Naan too “pei pasi seat kidaikaama, apram ukanthu”. Though over priced you can try it once. Let me know how was it.

6. Paneer Vrindavan – INR 209.53/-

Totally the show stealer of the day! This is one of the signature dishes of the hotel and no wonder it stood out from the rest. Rounds of this dish too came into my plate for the Naan and Biryani. The cream and the Paneer were just dope. This paneer was totally well cooked and it didn’t allow me to complain. I was busy finding the next Paneer cube before someone could grab it away from the bowl.

That’s me and my friend getting along together. This bill was around INR 2000 (INR 1980 to be exact) and Dad paid it. Kaatu theeni is what I would describe that day and I was so full that even a glass of water was not able to find its way from the food pipe to my stomach. Great time with the family and of course a sumptuous dinner!

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