Hotel Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan, Hospet

After the Odisha trip I had some work in Chennai that were pending for a long time and I was asked to plan for the next trip – Ballari. I don’t know what orgasm people get when they change the spellings of the cities like say Bengaluru for Bangalore, Mysuru for Mysore and Ballari for Bellary. The station code for Ballari is BAY! No way connected to the alphabets in the name. I googled about the city and asked for help to the other colleagues who had visited the city and set out on a Tuesday evening. Ballari was a bit far from the places I had to visit and I chose this small Village/Panchayat that was developed by JSW steels Vijayanagar called as Hosapete. Also the place is spelled as Hospet by it’s people.

This is how it looked all day along. It had miniscule rain (micro rain) to keep the warmth. It was cold in the nights. I got to wipe the sweat only a few times and the weather was dope. Absolutely Ooty-ish. No Ola and Uber. All you have to depend on the government buses and the autorickshaws. Share autos ply all over the town and place lies along the course of the famous Tungabhadra river.

The hotel is situated right opposite to the Central Bus Stand of Hospet and it’s one among the famous vegetarian hotels in town. Vegetarians will enjoy the place as the town has a lot of options to try out. Hampi is just 15 kms away and it’s one of the main tourism attractions of the town. Get your history buds out to see the Vijayanagara Empire when you visit the place.

Idly Vada – INR 45/-

The best combo for breakfast that can trigger both your left and right brains and keep you working throughout the day. Idly stands for punctuality, logic and Vada stands for creativity, succinctness. This hotel broke the stereotype that every hotel in Karnataka will serve jaggery Sambhar. This Sambhar was close to what we would find in Tamil Nadu. Not sugary at all. This is a must try at this town. The price is damn perfect and if you still find some space in your belly, make sure to have the next item too. Highly recommended.

Kesari Bath – INR 20/-

We call it Pineapple Kesari and they call it Kesari Bath. Worth the price and it was not too ghee-ish or too oily. It had the right mixture and right taste. Must try here! It’s so synonymous with CSK that the Kannadigas indirectly support CSK and not RCB. Ee Saala Cup Namade didn’t work and this may be one of the reasons too (:P)!

Masala Dosa – INR 40/-

The Masala Dosa is the staple food of the Kannadigas. Every time of the day you can find someone or the other having a Masala Dosa in any corner of the restaurant. What’s so fancy about it we never know until we get our hands on it. I couldn’t resist myself having a Benne Masala Dosa from C. T. R Malleswaram, Bangalore. Here in this hotel, it was again top notch. The best creation man has ever done is a Masala Dosa. Hands down this is a must try in this hotel too. The price is unbelievable. Click this link to see another picture of this beautiful creature – and get Dosa-ed! The coconut chutney with sprinkles of mint tasted great and the Sambhar – oh you have die for!

Coffee – INR 15/-

You get some of the best filter coffees in Karnataka. This is no exception and the pricing it perfect. Totally invigorates your soul and gets you through the day. Coffee-vores do make some noise and let me know your thoughts.

These are the pictures of the hotel interiors. In all the 3 days of my stay there, I had breakfast here and I didn’t find any reason to change the hotel. This totally fixed my belly. I mean, I didn’t had to look for another hotel. Close your eyes while having the Masala Dosa and you can experience what I felt. Thanks people for making it till the end.

The setting might be old but the service, quality, value for money all stand out and you can visit this place again and again and again on route to Hampi. This will not disappoint you and I stand by it.

Those are the bills and there is no GST! Holy smokes, this is the best part. I hope you had a great time and do follow me on various social media in the link below.

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