Odisha 1.0

Srirangam was just over. My office had plans to send me to Odisha. Orissa, I read in my history book when I was in school. No idea why they changed the name. So it’s set and we started our journey.

Reached Bhubaneswar after a hectic train journey. I usually mark the places googling about the city’s restaurants and also checking it out on Quora. Quora offers a lot of suggestions and it’s so easy to pick. One such was the restaurant named Sai Bhog.

It was on the 1st floor above the sweet shop and the staircase was very narrow. Mind your step it said. On reaching the hotel, we took a table and asked for the menu. It just had the Rajasthani Special Thali. It was a mix of North Indian, Gujarati and Rajasthani thalis, the waiter said. See the interior of the hotel below.

Rajasthani Special Thali – INR 250/-

This is the photo of the main plate. Now see the side plate.

The white one was the dhokla. This is the white version of the Yellow dhokla famous in Gujarat. Sources say that #NaMo was also yellow before becoming turning white. Delhi changes you completely, is definitely true! The sweet sauce and the mine sauce are given for the dhokla. You can use it for the Aloo Pakora too (yellow one)! It tasted great. The salad and the papad were good. It was unlimited for INR 250/- (ithu kuda kudukala na asingama ketrukanum). The lemon piece is to be juices and poured wherever necessary.

This was sort of a chakkara pongal- Kesari kinda dish. It’s a sweet and it tasted heavenly with all the dry grapes and cashews. The roti served is always sprayed with ghee and it had 3 side-dishes – Paneer, Soybean kurma and Aloo. Rice is also served along with this (I m sorry I don’t have any photograph)! There was a dhal and sambhar-ished liquid for the rice. They served butter milk that had the right amount of mirchi to it. I didn’t expect the mor to be too good at that place. I was surprised kovaikai was served here. It is pretty unusual to find it in the cuisine of Odisha. Beeda was served by I didn’t have it.

Next time you visit Bhubaneswar do give this hotel a try. I felt that the rate was too much for the items offered. It should have been well below INR 200/- and INR 160/- would be perfect. Let’s see the other places now.

After a short stint at Bhubaneswar, we started to Paradeep, one of the major port cities of South India.

This Pani Puri at one of the roadside shops was great. It costed INR 10 and you get 6 pieces. Not too spicy and not too sweet. Perfect blend. My manager had 2 plates and I m sure the guy would have thought ayya rendu plate Vangi sapta esamaane!

The hotel we stayed at Paradeep offered a complementary breakfast and we definitely like anybody else wouldn’t want to miss it.

Kellogg’s saptu ethana varshamaachu. Podu iniku itha Vida koodathu. I had 2 full cups and it was one of my greatest moments of having emptied a packet fully (:P). The hotels that offer complimentary breakfast always plays a trick on us, the customers. They tend to cook only 3 maximum 4 items on the menu and offer it as complimentary rather than leaving the choice to us. In this hotel, they had Kellogg’s, Aloo Paratha and Tea. That’s it. That’s basically it.

The Paratha was good but the side-dish could have been better. It was just okayish. When you go towards the North, the Sambhar just gets raped. Sometimes it’s brutal. The Sambhar I had in all these places was thanda karumantharam literally. They do the vada, dosai and even Masala Dosai well but chuck at sambhar. Next time you visit a restaurant in Odisha, don’t bother the Sambhar just have the main dish with the Chutney.

The tour finally came to an end and we returned to Chennai. Hope you guys liked it and do comment what should I try and post about. Thank you for the uninterrupted support and have a great day.

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