Gangotree, T. Nagar

Amidst all the mazhai peiyuma .. June maasam vanthirche varuna bagavane, the day was cloudy and it seemed to rain for the next 2 hours. But it did not! Romba nalla paninga Varun .. neenga nalla varanum. A long term Facebook friend was free and we finalized the place to be Gangotree. I thought it was the famous chat shop opposite Stella Maris (namma mind anga than pochu) but it wasn’t. It was next to the GRT Grand Days, T. Nagar. Easily noticeable as it is near the Kovai Pazhamudhir Nilayam and you always have traffic at that particular point of the road.

After Agarwal’s Gangotree stands for chat as far as I have seen. I m yet to try all the new places in and around Sowcarpet (one day I will surely try)! Let’s get to the order.

Mixed Chat – INR 71.43/-

This is an item I got to know from my once-upon-a-time-friend and it was good. It had all the ingredients that maketh the Chat interesting. It looked great and tasted good. It had Paneer, dahi, puris, Channa, mint sauce, sweet sauce, green peas and also came with a high price. Gangotree is a bit pricey and the quantity was a bit okayish (I wouldn’t complain). Mixed Chat stands for wholesome chat experience in one plate or even in one gulp. Try it out for yourself and let me know (thayavu senju padichitu solunga Da maaka!).

Rasamalai – INR 38.10/-

Elaichi! Elaichi! Elaichi everywhere. Uff! The one thing you hate about biryani is the taste after biting an elaichi. It is yuck^infinity. Totally spoils the mood. It’s called the instant upsetter. The rasamalai was good and pricing was decent. Being made from milk, it had the Gangotree hegemony stamped all over. I could have eaten it all in one mouth, but because of societal norms I ate it bit by bit. Try it out people.

This is how the shop looks in the inside. All the items neatly packed and sweets perfectly arranged.

My friend paid the bill (it was a treat :P) and you can see the GST at 5% even for packing. Too much Gangotree! The rest of the items in the bill were packed for the friend’s home.

The short chat meet went well and we bid goodbye to each other and started from the place. I am so happy that you (the people) have supported me this long and this is my 50th blog! I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would take up writing food blogs and that I would complete 50 with the support of the people most of whom are not known at all to me personally! What kaimaaru I m going to do for you to all these things 😦 Evlo senjaalum pothathu!

Thanks. Thanks. Thanks!

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