Hotel Mani Vilas, Srirangam


It’s been a hectic week with back to back trips and I happen to see my Paternal Grandfather’s birthplace and my kuladeivam koil. Srirangam is where most of my dad’s relatives are put up and I stay at one of their places during my visit. This time I stayed at my friend’s hotel, Sri Hayagriva, that’s opposite to the Rajagopuram and easily noticeable from the road. You can too book this place and I would recommend and if you say the referral as Mani Sriganesan, you can expect a discount (:P)! Not joking. Try it!

The entire Pallavan Express gets down at Srirangam and I feel the quote “All roads lead to Rome” can be modified a bit to “All of Pallavan Express leads to Srirangam”. The place is synonymous with the dialogue intha pakkam 4 theru .. antha pakkam 4 theru! Engayum tholanju poga vaaipu Ila! After the visits to the ancestral place and the temples, we finally came to dine at this famous place, it has my name too and it’s been a long time since I have dined here.

The places looked well maintained but is always crowded as it is open until 10 P. M and there are hardly any hotel you can find in the vicinity of the temple being open till this time.

We were 5 and our order was taken by 2 people. Huge confusions of India!

Ghee Roast – INR 50/-

This is the famous cone dosai we all eat for sure in a hotel for dinner for its looks and that the cone will always be higher than us. Our parents used to fold the dosai into pieces so that it fits the plate but we want to eat it from the top. There starts all the adivangite sapdra moments and finally finishing it all by ourselves! Even without hesitation we ask for extra sambhar and chutney and the waiter would serve us with a broad heavenly smile. Those were the times and it’s gone! Gone forever!

We didn’t have a mobile phone back then to save the memory but we used our brains to remember each and every part related to the cone dosai. I wore the Rahmaniac tee from fully filmy and the cone hid almost all the letters in the tee. Please don’t mind the pose and the reaction! This is all I could get.

No words to complain and this is a must try here. You will love it for sure and the Dosai was completely made in ghee. True to it’s name, I was so happy to be eating ghee in the form of a Dosa. I ate some pieces without Sambhar and chutney (shocked myself)! Extremely satisfied and definitely a thumbs-up! For the price, it is totally stupendous.

Butter Naan – INR 40/-

Though it wasn’t buttery, it was okayish with some butter particles sprinkled over the surface of the Naan and served! I expected it to be black at some places as everybody would burn it black but this was not at all black at any place. Kudos to the chef! Pricey but it was bigger than the usual size. Try it out.

Paneer Butter Masala – INR 80/-

This is what I would describe as Burgundy red! I have never seen a PBM of this colour in my life. I also made it clear in my mind not to order/eat any North Indian food in an out and out South Indian restaurant. It just doesn’t go right! This side-dish went well with the Naan but it was just okayish. The paneer was the saving grace with it’s softness. I shared the Naan and the PBM with my brother and alas we finished the dinner as well as the trip!

That’s the bill with GST included in the rates. You have to try it for sure when you come to Srirangam. Totally vegetarian and fits your pocket. Let me know once you try it.

That is the Paneer moments before it got crushed and made it’s way to my tummy! See the amount of oil in the PBM!

Will meet you soon with another post and I have 2 more blogs pending. Thank you for your time! Do subscribe and share it with your friends.

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  1. RD says:

    Wonderful. My next try when I come home would be this place !!

    1. MS says:

      Do read the other blogs and let me know how it is _/\_

      Do follow on Instagram here

  2. ashwanth92 says:

    I tried here. Taste is Very Good nd Rate is also Nominal

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