Bistro 1427, Mylapore

Last week was great. I had time to eat at 2 places and both seemed good (not great but fine)! This place is located right behind the Jammi Building at V. M. Street. My cousin recommended this place for dinner and told me to go with minimal or no expectations. I m there.

The menu card had the famous Snake & Ladder design that we use to play during our childhood. Nostalgic ain’t it! It looked like this.

See the rear side here –

With all the courage, I decided on what to order and the waiter came to my table to get the order. I was the only Single sitting there. There were 2 couples. The hotel can hose about 25 people at a time.

Once I gave the order, the hindiwala waiter (in picture above) asked if there is another person coming! I said no! He was shocked and went into the kitchen with a glaring eyes.

Tangy Paneer Pizza – INR 165/-

This is 7″ pizza made with tangy sauce that tasted like the Avakkai oorgai. Nicely cut paneer that are stitched together with the oregano seasoning and chilli flakes. Both these are same in all the places viz. Pizza hut, Domino’s and Bistro 1427! While I was busy enjoying my 2nd slice, I was approached by the owner of the restaurant to ask about the taste and the service. I was shocked. This was a great gesture. He told me that the base isn’t bought from outside but they do it in their place with different combinations of the yeast. The base was slim and was easily chewable. I took a picture with him too (:P)!

His dedication to the art of serving in a restaurant was clearly visible in his eyes and he values customers more than anything. Our views are their stepping Stones to success.

This shows the oorgai like sauce spread in the base and then the cheese along with the seasoning is seen. You can see the thickness of the crust. It should be around 5-7 mm. Definitely worth the price. Just go for it! That’s the Paneer-ishy pizza in the picture below.

Aloo Tikki Burger Meal – INR 120/-

You get French Fries, Coke/Sprite and an Aloo Tikki Burger in this combo. The burger alone costs INR 75/- but with this combo I think it’s good to go. You cannot complete it and will definitely share it with someone. I HAD IT ALL BY MYSELF! Now you know the reason for the shock. They give extra sauce packets when asked and also the fries were perfectly fried. Neither minimal nor deep fried. It just hit the right spot. The burger was great and I found that every burger is just a combination of raw vegetables mixed with mayonnaise and cheese and served with a cutlet inside. That’s all. See the picture below. Apparently the only thing that we know about French is the French Fries and the French Kiss!

It has carrots, cabbage leaf, tomato, onion, mint chutney, mayonnaise and cheese (minimal)! Cutlet and Aloo Tikki are almost of the same size and they placed one above the other. The bun was big enough to hold a big size cutlet but it is what it is. Good for the price. Try it for yourself.

The bill was served in this small trolley and it looked fabulous. I am seeing this for the first time!

GST is 5% extra and the total bill was INR 299/-. They have a tie-up with Uber eats and Zomato (not sure about swiggy)! But the amount mentioned there is high and I feel it’s definitely over priced! Come to this place and enjoy your meal. Hope you like the blog and thank you for the support.

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Up next is a chat shop famous for it’s location in between the beach and a park! Keep guessing.

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