Tosai, Velachery

May 21, 2017. One of my well known friends in Velachery asked me to try this newly opened outlet near the Chennai Silks and this conversation has been for long. I had just quit Studio 31 and was looking for options. Meanwhile, I have met my college mate after a gap of 3 years. Have tried some new hotels but didn’t know that there was a crowd for FOOD that would sit and take notice of you if you can do it well. With mixed emotions we finally decided on the date and had 2 dosas. There is no looking back after that.

I posted a video and 2 photos of the place on the same night and that’s it. It became so viral that Chennaites shared it on their Facebook page. My post got lot of shares and comments and to be frank I didn’t expect it to reach this far. That’s when I realized food has a following and you can do it. It all started there. But I did not post about Tosai until I went there again. Last week, for almost after 12 months, I went there again only to see it’s place being changed near to PVR Grand Mall and looking like this (above picture).

After a long hiatus, my friend who lived in the nearby area came to the place to dine here at Tosai. Lots of talking regarding various issues ranging from Facebook to real life to reel life, etc. It was fun and great.

Kerala Open Tosai – INR 110/-

The masala was done in coconut oil and it tasted different. I have had the same masala like colour only in Pav Bhaji. It had some vegetables mashed and made into a masala like form. They don’t have Sambhar but only a mint-coconut chutney. It was good and was a bit thicker. The masala was even spread in minimal amount on the inner side of the dosa. Pricey! Try it once.

Pav Bhaji Chilli Cheese Tosai – INR 100/-

The bhaji from the Pav bhaji is taken out and mixed with cheese and chilly to make it spicier and served. The masala is neatly placed inside the dosa and nicely folded. Served with the same chutney, the masala along with the dosa tasted good. Would have loved some cheesily-cheesy dosa but there was limited cheese, that looked like this (below picture).

Hat trick Tosai – INR 130/-

The name says it all. It represents 3 stumps arranged neatly and the cheese sprinkled over the top represents the bails (:P). Loved the corn and cheese sprinkle along with the Masala. This totally bowled me over and I took a picture of it too!

This Tosai had 2 chutney cups and frankly that wasn’t needed. The stuff is sufficient to get through to the last piece and you won’t take the chutney at all for any of the Tosai served. This is definitely pricey but I think it’s the highlight of the menu. Try it once.

The bill has GST 2.5% and I think they could have very well made this inclusive. I got gift vouchers for 500/- (2 INR 250’s) for my review on Zomato and I spent one INR 250/- here for this bill. The other I gave away to one of my friends. The whole Tosai episode went on well. It all started here last year and there was no looking back since then. Thank You people for the uninterrupted support and love.

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