Mathura Restaurant, Anna Salai

This outlet opposite to Buhari mount road is one of the wings of Woodlands, the famous outlet in Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai. The taste is mangaluru-ish and that is dope after some mixtures with the TN cuisine (:P)!

My brother has come home after his graduation and we have been planning for dinner at various places like BR Mathsya, Annalakshmi, Dhaba Corner, etc. and finally zeroed in on Mathura. The road from DMS directly hits at this towers on which the hotel is present. The other famous places around this hotel are Devi Cinemas, Cosmopolitan club, Casino theatre, Buhari hotel, Ritchie Street, etc. Located amidst one of the will-you-ever-sleep roads in Chennai, the ambience was great. The crowd was even more than the no. of supporters of Mumbai Indians and this naturally means the order can be delayed to an extent. Be prepared for it.

We ordered a biggie and expected the dishes eagerly. Let’s see the travel.

Veg Noodles Soup – INR 105/-

I have had noodles and soup separately but not one with the other. This wasn’t bad as I expected but good. I would say this as my new try and it didn’t disappoint. I was able to complete 80% of it but with a heavy heart drank the remaining too (:P). Pricey but a good try.

Paneer Corn Ball – INR 174/-

2 balls of the size shown above were given. After a brief hiatus, the paneer chose me and I happily had it without any extra sauce. I wanted to get the real taste whilst it’s passage from my throat to my tummy. OMG! It was great. We ordered 2 plates and shared it across. Paneer lovers, this is a must try. Let me know after you try. A bit on the higher side for a starter.

Masala Papad – INR 62/-

This is always a must have in every dinner of ours. It’s like the chandramukhi snake, divider in geometry box, Chair having all clothes, Signal in perungalathur, etc. You don’t know why it’s there, but it has to be there for you. Dipping some Papad in the soup and having it gives a new experience. Though mine had noodles inside, this made a great combo. Try it out guys.

Masala Kulcha – INR 70/-

The best of the day. Filled with enough stuffings, one big piece is cut into 2 halves and served to you. This can very well be eaten all alone, but I had other ideas. Malai Kofta, Paneer Punjabi & Shahi Paneer (Spicy) surrounded my Kulcha and I was too confused wat to do with the remaining side-dishes in my plate. See how it looked here.

Shahi Paneer (Spicy) – INR 205/-

The term spicy always comes with a tagline konjam spicy-ness kammiya kudunga sir no matter whoever orders it. This was my brother’s addition to the menu. It was great but I felt it was a bit pricey! With the biryani, this would make a great addition to the plate. You can enjoy it heavenly! Lavish is the word.

Paneer Punjabi – INR 210/-


The plate was big enough to serve 5 Naans/Parathas/Kulchas. We shared it across ourselves. This was my pick from the menu and I must admit, it was the BEST of the lot. I totally loved it to the core and it made me think of every possible combination with Paneer one must try before their death! Such is the craze you get after having this dish. I made it to stay till the end on my plate and even took a great DP with it. See it on my Facebook – Do like/comment on the same. Didn’t mind the price. Just enjoyed it dope-ily.

Malai Kofta – INR 167/-


The thing about Koftas are it’s vegetable-kaju balls fried well and inserted in to the malai. The ball is covered with the malai and all its interiors are filled with it. The kofta went well with the kulcha and the biryani. I felt it had too much of Beet root inside that made the ball go red berserk. The kofta at Vrindavan (New Woodlands) was white and it had more kaju than the others. It wasn’t the case here. Mixed emotions for this dish and you guys decide it here.

Veg Biryani – INR 167/-


Is this even a Biryani ? Hypothetical question! We don’t have an answer and you let me know if you get to know it. The cashew and the onions were fried well and then mixed with the biryani. The last item of my plate was the biryani and it had all the side-dishes to go to my tummy. I was so full that I had to skip the dessert (my bad)! The vegetables were rightly boiled and on the whole this was great. Try it out if you eat veg biryani!

The bill was around INR 2219/- (for 5 people) with 5% GST. I am sorry I forgot to write abou the spring roll, but it was okayish.


Onion Uthappam and Choco chips Ice-cream were a part of the bill but I did not have it. I was overflowing. Started home after paying the bill. Let’s see what hotel comes next in the journey! Stay tuned until then (:P)


Hope this was a great travel. Expecting your comments and subscriptions for the blog. Do try it out and let me know how was it. Thank You. I complete 1 year of this journey into food blogging and I am marching towards my 50th blog. Enaku wish panunga (Kolamaavu Kokila “Kalyana Vayasu” Yogi Babu tone).


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