Sindhu Catering, Saidapet

Hello all. I m so much excited now as the journey that started from Hotel Chaitra is going strong and now marching towards its half century! Without your continued support nothing would have been possible. With due credits to the audience, I shall keep positing as and when I find time. Expecting your best wishes.

It’s another reception (mom’s colleague) and we ought to go for it. This is the first thing that caught my attention!

Do have a closer look at the stand to the left. Beautifully decorated with all the ingredients that make the beeda a good final touch to the dinner. My eyes were filled with the tooti-fruities. I just love it.

Let’s now proceed to the meetings with all the friends and that’s just a small part in any reception that I accompany mom (her colleague’s receptions) which is similar to the snake’s role in Chandramukhi and I pulled her to the dinner hall.

This is round one of the dinner. Starting off with soup, Basundhi, Badam Halwa, Payasam, 2 Cutlets, some amount of cauliflower bajji/pakoda, thayir Vadai, Potato-Peas roast curry, vadams and masala papads, chapathi, Paneer Butter Masala.

I took around 10 mins to fill this plate and by the time i shall complete this, my mom was already in the curd rice section asking for pickle (oh my god!). People are that fast in eating and I m here trying to figure out what to eat 1st and what to east last.

With more paneer sections being added to the plate and having cutlet dipped into the paneer to increase its taste, the buffet got me to the second section of the hall.

It had masala Dosai, chutneys and the Sambhar. I had no room for sambhar in my plate as the paneer butter masala took over its place. Yet I had the dosa with the Chutneys and the paneer. It tasted just wow! Out of the world!

This is the final section of the reception that was filled with variety rice. Vegetable biryani (I know that’s not a biryani ok!), Bissi Bela Bath, papad, Cabbage curry and some Potato-Peas fry. I made it a point not to have curd rice and proceed directly to the dessert section. I got a bonus Payasam from my mom and it was too harsh to refuse, that too when someome gives you a Payasam – seekiram kudu Da moment.

You could very well mix the gulab jamun with ice-cream and have it but I had other ideas. Took the jamun and mixed with carrot halwa and enjoyed both of them gulp by gulp. It’s a fact that people from Kerala hear gulp as Gulf! We don’t know how.

The carrot halwa was the best-est I have ever had. Please do try when you dine out! That’s the end of the happy OC dinner. Thank You for the uninterrupted support and let’s catch up on the next one. The contact number for the catering is there in the 1st picture. I can vouch for their great service. Do book them if you can.

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