Vasanth Vihar, Tambaram

In continuation to my Perungalathur work, I was involved in the good hotel search with Just Dial. Of all the names and numbers sent by them only Vasanth Vihar picked the call and politely answered all the queries raised. We (me, mom and dad) wanted to try this hotel and have it booked for an event. We set out on a journey from Mylapore to Tambaram via the ever famous traffic laden G. S. T road.

This hotel is right opposite to Tambaram Railway Station (near the H-bridge service road) and people rightly guide you to Shanmugam road. It’s a small road I would suggest you to go by walk to this hotel because you won’t find any space to park your bike/car. Look carefully for this red board as you can easily miss out!

It was a Saturday afternoon and the crowd was totally minimal. They had lunch and tiffin varieties. Dosai is available throughout the day here and dosa lovers, this is your paradise.

35 roobaiku yaru Da intha kaalathula mini tiffin tharanga, ithukaagave breakfast try pananum Da inga vanthu! I know you are missing out on coffee but think this pretty much sums the price of the mini tiffin offered here. You never get it anywhere (Sangeetha offer was just some out of the blue action marketing done well, you can’t expect it everytime).

Sambhar Vadai – INR 50/-

Nice, big, round Vadais that is injected to its last micrometre with sambhar and also dumped in the Sambhar and served red hot! I had to wait for 10 minutes to eat small pieces of this dish after an initial fight between the throat and the tongue for one spoon of this red hot thingy. Once I finished 1 Vadai of the 2, the server came in with an extra cup of Sambhar for the 2nd one! Kanla jalam moment combined with ena thavam seithanai. You no longer need to hesitate for asking extra sambhar and chutney. Worth it and must try!

Couldn’t get the picture of the bill but I didn’t feel the need to! Thank You for the continuous support and do let me know once you try here!

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