Ayyappan Marriage Catering Services, Mylapore

Life has been tough for the past 2 weeks with no outside food (except one occasion)! Mom rightly said there is a Reception and the Hall is right next to our house. What more can I ask to kadavul. Ithu pothume Da ! I am indebted to the food!

That’s their contact number please do use or pass onto your circles for any events.

The Menu!

I was so hooked onto the Panner Butter Masala that I did not focus the Basundhi that was kept to the right of it. It went outta frame (My bad!). Tomato soup, thayir Vadai, Raitha, கோஸ் கரி, Potato onion curry, Gobi Manchurian a.k.a Cauliflower pakoda, Chips, Mango oorukai, Dry Gulab Jamun, Set Dosai (1 piece), Green chutney, Idiyappam, Kurma, Chapathi, Paneer butter masala, Vegetable Brinji, Bissibela Bath, curd rice, bus bus appalam. This is more than the conventional reception menu and it was fabulous. The amount of P.B.M in my ilai was so huge that the organisers out there didn’t use the word thaa.

I had paneer with chips, Idiyappam, set Dosai, Brinji, Chapathi, bus bus appalam and even the cauliflower pakoda. No one ever would have this much paneer in just a single dinner and that too with so many side-dishes for the paneer. I had 3 paneer cubes left for to wind up the banana leaf yet! With a heavy heart of wasting I gulped it without any side-dish and started to the wash basin.

I asked for 1 more of the dry Gulab Jamun and after I had 2 nos. Of it in between the set Dosai and cauliflower pakoda, my mom gave me her jamun too. Nane venam nu sonalum intha da paravala sapdu nu orey thollai. This is what is happening to me. I go in search of food but unexpectedly more come my way. What can I do ?

Have a close look at the Brinji and the Bissibela Bath. I forgot to take a pic of the curd rice (but I didn’t have it though). Also find the bus bus appalam and chips waiting to go to my stomach through the food pipe.  Ended my dinner with Basundhi and took the thaambula pai and came home.

So thank you again for the support. The Charvan Thattu Idly post has crossed 500+ views and that’s my highest. Let me know the comments regarding this and the other 40 so that I can improve.

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