Sangeetha Veg Restaurant, Perungalathur

I owe a lot to YOU the people who have supporting me for the past 40 posts. I can’t thank you enought for this! Ananda kanner moments, I say. Up next is the blog on Sangeetha, perungalathur that I tried last week while returning home after a work in that area. It was so well maintained and looked after.

The Air Conditioned restaurant had some good parking space on the front and great seating inside. You can feel the cool air circling around your body and that made me chill.

They first serve you the tricolour chutneys and fill it as and when it gets empty.

All the three were rightly spiced and I bet you will empty it even before your main dish is over.

1. Cheese Masala Dosai – INR 125/-

Just see the size of the dosai. Hotel Saravana Bhavan vanthu thooku maatiko Da pls .. see how this dosa master has churned this out! 

Every part of this dosa puts Saravana Bhavan to shame. The cheese, the masala, the size of the masala, the size of the dosa, etc. Though the dosa is priced above INR 100/-, you can definitely try it out and see how full your stomach would get once filled. Inspite of this, I had Chenna Bathoora (or Channa Batura or whatever!). I would leave this to you.

2. Chola Poori – INR 75/-

See it for yourself! This is more than enough to justify why Chola Poori. Have you seen anywhere in the world, where they give 2 pooris when you order a Chenna Bathoora. No! Period.

This is the Channa Masala. I also got an extra cup for the 2nd half’s half poori. The best I have ever had in all my life. The 2 pooris floored me completely. Then this Channa got hold of me. This is when my family came to know I can eat this much (:P). Must try. DOPE food.

I forgot to take the picture of the bill and it did not come to my hand. I was sure of the extra 5% GST. Try this hotel whenever you pass through the GST road and let me know how you felt.

Thank You.

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