Hotel Vasantham, Alandur

Hey guys! Hope y’all are doing good. I happened to go to another trip (within Chennai) from Thiruvanmiyur to Thirumudivakkam with my manager. Once the work got over it was about 12.30 PM and as usual he suggested this place for lunch. We travelled all the way with the hot Sun that was over doing its job that day and came to Alandur. After seeing one of the metro trains & plane landings from the ground, we went to the place.

Good air, great staff and neat presentation greeted us from within. We chose the items and paid the bill and then gave it to the staff. He then served us at the table.

I already had my home-made Pudhina rice and a side-dish. My manager made me eat more on top of it. Namala pathi nalla visaarichirukaru moment. I asked permission to the cashier so that I can eat outside food here and he said ok.

1. Meals – INR 60/-

This is just dope AF. Highly recommended! Period. You cannot expect anything more than this neatly packed plate. They give extra vegetable on request. The kesar had good number of cashews and dry grapes and tasted great. I had my pudhina rice and also some rice from this all because my manager couldn’t eat more. The butter milk with some corainder leaves was the perfect thirst quencher.

2. Parota – INR 40/-

2 parotas and 2 kurmas. These people should directly go to heaven. These people have literally decoded the history of ordering parota that people want an extra cup of Kurma and we should give them beforehand. This is a heart connection. Who cares the chuyney and raitha, but kurma, never fuck with it. The real winners. Highly recommended. You eat parote like this (see pic below)

Apdiye nalla rendu kaiyala pichu pottu, kurmava athula oothi nalla mix pani, Kai fulla eduthu vedigundu murugesan thalaivan vadivel Maari saapta .. oyyo, antha sugame than nga. Kandipa apdi sapdunga inime, evan paathalum paravala!

I couldn’t remember the bill amount but know for sure it was inclusive of GST. This is the place for all budgeters. It will not make a hole in your pocket and for sure would be your favorite hotel. Let me know your thoughts after trying here.

Thank You! See you again in another bolg with new dishes.

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