, Vadapalani

It was a Monday. I went to one of the factories of one of the group company I worked (official purpose) at Maduravoyal along with my Manager. When the work got over exactly before lunch,we started out to office and suddenly my Manager told me regarding this place. He also hinted about a film personality being involved with the outlet and it’s vegetarian completely. We were on our way to the outlet!

Walkable from the Vadapalani Metro Station, this is owned by Pyramid Natrajan who played the role of Madhavan’s dad in Alaipayuthey and Vijay’s dad in Friends. To my surprise, he was standing outside near the entrance and I quickly grabbed an opportunity to get a selfie with him.

Antha sirippa paaru ya .. moments for me and him! My manager followed me to the 1st floor and we glanced through the menu that was stuck at the table. Please find the menu below.

Executive Lunch – INR 126/-

இலை சாப்பாடு would be too heavy as we had to reach office post lunch. We decided on this and paid the bill. They charge 5% GST.

This is the complete packed Executive Lunch they give. They also have different rooms for இலை சாப்பாடு and Executive Lunch! Fitted with an A/C it was cool and we forgot the hot sun outside. Picture below!

The Bill Bela Bath was totally lit as fuck! The best I have ever had after the M. T. R’s from Bengaluru. I had everything from chapathi to the curd rice. The bhaji wasn’t panner but it was some potato masala that tasted good and went well with Chapathi and the extra chips we asked for. Kesari was good. Curd rice was the ultimate as it tasted close to the Perumal koil prasadham. The pickle disappointed me but I had the chips and masala for company! This was a wholesome lunch and we thanked them for the service and left the place. Again the office goer routine came into action!

The film personality does pull some crowd and it’s their marketing strategy but I felt the rate was slightly on the higher side. Nevertheless the taste wasn’t compromised and we were completely blown away.

Incase of parcels, they do deliver it to you and this picture was great.

You can find the contact details on the bill and the exact address to find it. Do try and let me know how is it. Thank you for the continued support (I swear my goose is bumping :P) and meet you soon in the next blog.

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