Hotel Sennthur, Egmore

It was Sunday. Another Facebook friend of mine had an unusual off from her every-sunday clichéd chores and we thought to meet at a common place. This seemed pretty great as I haven’t tried the hotel and she asked Senthoor-ah (also a famous song from the film Bogan) but she seemed to be okay for this. Cut the scene there and switch over to the hotel. We met for lunch.

Situated opposite to the entrance of Egmore Museum, this is a small restaurant that can hold about 30 people or so at a time. The menu is great and there are regular visitors for their combo dishes. It’s completely self served and you will totally enjoy it.

The hotel also has another name “Veg Food Factory”. True to the name, they churn out every item of the menu to the visitor’s happiness.

Bombay Thaali – INR 80/-

This is the wholesome lunch that provides all the ingredients for you to sleep and of course get your energy. Chapathi, Veg Pulao, North Indian Gravy, Dhall Fry, Raitha, Masala Papad, Lassi.

Phew .. that’s a big menu and for 80/- you will get to know that it is totally justified. The gravy had some mushrooms but I filtered it out and just had the remaining masala for the chapathi and Pulao. The Dhall was never my cup of tea even though my mom made it many times. I disliked it, but this looked okayish. It went will with the chapathi and the papad.

Raitha the usual joker of every food combo tasted good and it’s the correct side dish for pulao no matter what ever dish you take. See the rice granules separated and boiled perfectly so that you can have it without any hiccup. The papad tasted good after being dipped in the gravy and that was so great. Please try this at your home and I m sure you will love it too!

Total bill was INR 160/- and no extra GST. The lassi, though the same quantity of the 10/- tea from the tea shops, tasted fabulous. It was literally Vera level. The tactics these people use to send the customers happy is with that lassi. Kudos and reach great heights.

Last but not the least, though we are Humans, humanity died long back. Things like that one above restore our faith in humanity and infiltrates us with good vibes. This is a wonderful gesture by the authorities to the differently abled. Atleast for this special quality, you can give the hotel a try and let me know your thoughts!

That’s is after this lunch. She did not complete it fully and I literally cleaned my plate (:P) She is not a foodie vis a vis lunch but ok she eats little.

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